Total Solution Provider
Posted: 11.01.05
How can a company that doesn’t make or sell anything offer customized end-to-end solutions? Just ask Brightpoint.
The Big Picture
Posted: 10.01.05
When it comes to enterprise security, a whole lot of new problems crop up when you add mobility to the picture.
Owning the Problem
Posted: 09.01.05
Will the magic of a complete end-to-end solution cure remote worker connectivity and support ills?
A Singular Solution
Posted: 08.01.05
The youngest—and now largest—of the U.S. carriers has its gaze on the enterprise, the future and success.
A Change in the Weather
Posted: 07.01.05
According to one insider, the newest mobile OS from Microsoft aims to speed convergence and ease business productivity.
Magnolia in Bloom
Posted: 06.01.05
With a strong product, field testing complete and a new round of investor funding, Magnolia Broadband has about it the sweet smell of success.
A Forum for Change
Posted: 05.01.05
Nokia’s charge into developing wireless applications is ably led by Lee Epting.
Getting the Go-To Guy
Posted: 04.01.05
NetMotion Wireless’ new CEO has a way with technology companies
It Just Gets Better
Posted: 03.01.05
Good’s hands-off approach to wireless flexibility just got easier.
iPass Ushers in
Posted: 01.05
How one small company with a concept advanced an industry.
Mobile Enterprise Predictions for 2005
Posted: 12.04
You win some, you lose some—and sometimes
history simply benefits from the dialogue.
Janet Boudris Knows Wireless
Posted: 12.04
How “the RIM of enterprise applications” is blasting false expectations while hitting new benchmarks.
Can WiMax Deliver a World Without Wires?
Posted: 11.04
Unlike the base standards of Wi-Fi that yielded many barriers for global implementation, WiMax’s international potential appears solid.
Getting Personal
Posted: 11.04
Dan Turchin is out to shake up the mobile industry with a simple concept: Personalize your desktop solution to your mobile needs.
Red-M Alert
Posted: 10.04
One British security provider found a fast, effective way to convince global companies to reconsider their security standards—it hacked into their networks.
The Mobile Endgame Part 2
Posted: 09.04
Benchmarking ideas for the cost of ownership
The Mobile Endgame
Posted: 08.04
Answering the "So what?" factor for enterprise decision makers
Pushing Through
Posted: 08.04
Not one to rest on its laurels, Nextel has new sales and professional products, as well as a network boost in the works to stay ahead of the pack.
The Tsunami Is Coming
Posted: 07.04
Up to now, setting up a WLAN has been a fairly simple affair: Plug in some wires, adjust the antennas and fire up the laptop. Nothing to worry about, right? Not any more.
Verizon Airfone Takes Flight
Posted: 07.04
Celebrating its 20th year in the in-flight telecommunications industry, Verizon Airfone is making still more in-roads to in-flight connectivity.
Symbolizing the Future
Posted: 05.04
Providing access to information at the point of business activity is where enterprise mobility should be focused.
'Guaranteed ROI'
Posted: 04.04
On its way to taking over the mobile space, Microsoft claims it hasn’t forgotten about the bottom line for businesses.
Keep It Simple
Posted: 03.
Sprint’s Terry Yu argues that making wireless data easy and secure—not just fast—is the key to enterprise adoption.
Ear to the Ground
Posted: 02.04
The Yankee Group keeps tabs on shoddy devices and
mobile apps supplanting middleware.
A Tablet in Your Future?
Posted: 01.04
Acer America is betting that companies of all shapes and sizes will embrace the new generation of Tablet PCs.