Vol. 4, No. 14
November 17th, 2004



Marketing to Mobiles
Mobile phone marketing is here, and not as bad as you might think.
By Bryan Pedersen

This has been the year for the evolution of the mobile phone. In June, the proof-of-concept virus, Cabir, launched, proving mobile phones have operating systems sophisticated and vulnerable enough for attack. The variety of affordable PIM and e-mail service providers springing up this year demonstrates the demand for mobile phones to act as information managers and e-mail clients. And the mobile phone marketing campaigns run by Boomerang Mobile Media show that mobile phones have finally become an important mass communication medium.

But before you start envisioning commercials flickering on your screen, and radio jingles echoing every time you go to make a call, Boomerang focuses on a far less intrusive form of marketing. The company provides a phone number for users to call if they are interested in a product. Whether it's visitors scanning cars at an auto show, or attendees at a concert for recording artist Ghostface, the user must first do the dialing and then a customized user experience begins.

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Mobile Enterprise and Outlook 4Mobility launch Mobile Enterprise Outlook

The Mobile Enterprise Outlook is a new newsletter targeting IT professionals who are engaged, or need to become engaged, in rolling out wireless voice and data systems for their fleet of mobility workers. This publication is being produced as a joint venture of Mobile Enterprise Magazine and Andrew Seybold's Outlook 4Mobility.

Each quarter's issue will contain highly relevant articles about what is real today, what is on the horizon and what you can do to take advantage of making your mobility work force(s) more productive. The newsletter will concentrate on the intersection of wireless technologies and mobile computing. It will be written in plain language, devoid of hard to understand technobabble, and full of timely articles.

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AirDefense Integrates its “Self-Managing” Wireless Protection System with Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Infrastructure
AirDefense, the leader in anywhere, anytime wireless security and monitoring, today announced the integration of industry-leading AirDefense wireless intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion protection system (IPS) technology with Cisco Aironet wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure. The new integrated security solution allows Cisco customers to protect their enterprise WLAN from the threat of security breaches with automated threat protection and the ability to quickly locate security breaches.
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Wi-Fi Takes Off at Southwest Florida International Airport in Florida with Broadband Wireless from BelAir Networks and TEACO
Travelers at Southwest Florida International Airport (SWFIA) in Fort Myers, Florida, will enjoy free broadband Wi-Fi access as a result of TEACO's recent deployment of an integrated wireless network using BelAir Networks wide-area Wi-Fi system. Currently providing Wi-Fi throughout the airport's two existing terminals, the deployment is the first phase of a build-out that will extend the network to a new airport terminal currently under construction, as well as the surrounding outdoor space, runway space and support buildings.
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Nokia and Visto collaborate to deliver leading push mobile e-mail solution for mobile operators on Nokia business devices
Nokia announced it will collaborate with e-mail solution provider Visto, a leading global provider of personal and corporate wireless e-mail and PIM solutions to mobile operators, to extend Visto's push e-mail solution to Nokia Series 80 business-optimized mobile devices. The solution is expected to be available on the new Nokia 9500 Communicator and Nokia 9300 during the first quarter of 2005.
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Bob Egan
Mobile Competency

Enterprise Smartphones – Chasing the Unicorn
By Bob Egan

What's Happening: A new crop of smartphones is hitting the market, including the Audiovox PPC 6601, the palmOne Treo 650 and the RIM BlackBerry 7100. Although several models are aimed at enterprise users, they're a mixed bag in terms of features, network options and total cost of ownership (TCO). From an enterprise user perspective, the latest crop is more like gadgets out of Austin Powers than James Bond – except that no one is laughing.

Our Conclusions: Enterprises should brace themselves for the onslaught of mobile devices finding their way into the enterprise in 2005. Most will be unsuitable as enterprise tools – the Treo 650 and BlackBerry 7100 being the exceptions. Vendors continue to favor a Swiss Army knife approach to handset design, which so far has produced more ergonomic misses than hits.

Meanwhile, vendors continue to expand their 3G PC card modem offerings, with new models from Kyocera, Sierra Wireless and Sony Ericsson. This trend is likely more an artifact that reflects operator intent rather then handset manufacturer innovation design misstep.

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