Vol. 4, No. 8
August 17th, 2004


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The Skinny on Ultrawideband
By Arielle Emmett
Faster than a speeding Wi-Fi, more powerful than a USB cable...it's ultrawideband! Bluetooth on steroids?

It walks through walls. It sounds like a laundry detergent or a hip-hop radio station. Most people simply haven't heard of it. Some analysts call it “superman.” But now the term “ultrawideband” (UWB) is fast becoming the mobile industry's most anticipated and argued about emerging technology for high-speed personal area networks (PANs).

Industry titans are already clashing over these tiny chip-size radios and piconets, still in their formative stages. And UWB, first unleashed when the FCC liberated large chunks of unlicensed military spectrum for commercial applications in February 2002, could easily become fodder for the next big standards war—i.e., Betamax vs. VHS, CDMA vs. GSM and now UWB in two different technology stripes pitting Motorola vs. Intel and Texas Instruments in a race to bring UWB to multiple home, mobility and enterprise markets.
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HPP and Wavelink Partner to Deliver Mobile Device Management
HPP, a provider of mobile data collections systems and Wavelink, a provider of mobile infrastructure management software, have partnered to offer Avalanche mobile device management software and Wavelink Terminal Emulation software on HHP's Dolphin 9500 series mobile computer product line. Continues. . .

NBC Olympics and AT&T Wireless Partner to Create U.S. Wireless Olympic Games Promotion
NBC Olympics and AT&T Wireless will offer Olympic Games content over mobile devices. The program will include on-air text message polling, video highlight clips, mobile access to television listings and ratings, alerts, trivia, an exclusive sweepstakes, and more. Continues. . .

Huawei Technologies Selects Actix WCDMA Wireless Network Post-processing Solution
Huawei Technologies, an international provider of customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical, fixed, mobile and data communications networks, has selected Actix as the preferred supplier of 3G wireless performance engineering solutions, for the planning, roll-out, troubleshooting and optimization of wireless networks. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Huawei Technologies is one the two largest telecommunications solutions providers in China. Continues. . .

Eric M. Zeman
Mobile Enterprise

Don't Give One to Moses...
By Eric M. Zeman
...because it would be a pity if he smashed such an interesting and useful device to smithereens.

Here I sit in my office in New York, feet propped up on my desk, scrawling away on a Tablet PC that is resting comfortably in my lap. Aside from swapping my office for more enticing scenery (a beach comes to mind), I can't imagine a more relaxing way to pen this article about the much-hyped Tablet PC.

The two-year anniversary of the Tablet is only a few months hence, and making in-roads in the enterprise has been a slow and difficult climb for the Tablet (500,000 units shipped in the first year, which Microsoft called “on track”). Sure, we've seen some deployments in verticals such as healthcare and public services where data collection and forms-based computing are the norm, but I have yet to see a regular professional boot one up during a meeting to take notes.

I think some of the hesitation at embracing a new technology is natural. True, sometimes it's fun to be the first on the block with the newest toys, but it's not always practical.

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