Vol. 4, No. 15
December 15th, 2004



Scalpel, Scrubs, Syringe, RFID Implant
By Jana McAuliffe

The FDA recently approved new RFID implants for humans—does this mean our medical records are about to go digital? Not really.

The FDA has approved the first-ever radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip for human use. VeriChip is described by its parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, as being about the size of a grain of rice. Via syringe, it is inserted under the skin just over the elbow, in a procedure the company describes as painless, requiring only local anesthetic and no stitches. VeriChip is then completely invisible to the naked eye. It lies dormant until someone passes one of Applied Digital's scanners over the implanted chip, activating it by radio frequency energy. The VeriChip then emits a signal that transmits a unique code that can be used to access that patient's medical information through a secure on-line database.

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Ericsson Joins WiMAX Forum to Drive the Development of Open Standards
Ericsson has joined the WiMAX Forum(TM) as a principal member. Ericsson's experience and leadership in broadband and wireless technologies will strongly contribute to the existing competence of the forum.

Ericsson is a strong believer in open standards. "WiMAX ensures interoperability of the open IEEE 802.16 standard for broadband wireless access. It is a natural part of an operator's Ethernet broadband offering and can also serve as transmission backhaul," said Karl Thedeen, Vice President, Product Area Wireline.
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WebTech Wireless to Provide CPR Intermodal Fleet Carriers Access to Real-Time Fleet Management
WebTech Wireless Inc., a leading fleet management service provider, has been awarded a contract to provide location-based and fleet Telematics products and services to Canadian Pacific Railway intermodal carriers across Canada. Operating over Rogers Wireless's robust GSM/GPRS network, the largest integrated voice and data network in Canada, WebTech Wireless will provide CPR's intermodal fleet carriers access to real-time fleet management services. These include location data and two-way messaging for paperless reporting.
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Atlanta to Launch Citywide Wi-Fi network
The city of Atlanta plans to launch Wi-Fi access across a number of major buildings and facilities in the metro area. The city has partnered with Wi-Fi carrier Biltmore Communications and will market the paid-access Wi-Fi service as Atlanta FastPass. Atlanta will launch WLAN service in a large area around City Hall this month.
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Bob Egan
Mobile Competency

Nextel and Sprint Merge – What Gets “Done!” To The Enterprise?
By Bob Egan

What's  happening:  Sprint and Nextel merge to create the fourth-largest wireless  carrier, with 38.5 million subscribers. We believe the deal will be met  with little regulatory resistance and completed in nine to 12  months.

Why we think this is  important:  Short term, small and large enterprises will be able to consolidate  contracts for mobile voice telephony and push-to-talk (PTT) services. Long  term, we believe the combined companies could redefine the last-mile  broadband access landscape, shaking up both wireless and   wireline.

The Impact : By 2H05, we believe  enterprise procurement centers will see pre-emptive strikes by Cingular  and Verizon in the form of service and/or device discounts – especially  for PC card modems and adjunct service packs.

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