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Vol. 3, No. 9, September 29, 2003

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The Top Story
  • Flushing Out Productivity
    Roto-Rooter is counting on new mobile workforce technology to increase efficiency and ease customer headaches.
Field Force Perspectives
  • FFA Insider:
    Mobilizing the Supply Chain: Getting a handle on parts flowing to and from the field is the key to closing the supply chain loopand streamlining your break- fix organization.
This Month in Field Force Automation
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  • cdXpo/Enterprise IT Week Conference
  • Ultimate Leading Edge IT Conference and Expo
  • CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2003
  • AFSMI S-Business education Summit and Expo
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Flushing Out Productivity

Roto-Rooter is counting on new mobile workforce technology to increase efficiency and ease customer headaches.

By Matt Purdue

Roto-Rooter operates businesses in more than 100 company-owned territories and more than 500 franchise territories, serving approximately 90 percent of the U.S. population and 55 percent of Canadas residents. Considering the sheer volume flowing through the company on a daily basismasses of parts and millions of dollars traveling hundreds of thousands of mileskeeping track of it all has become a Herculean effort. Just getting the right techs to the right jobs at the right time has become yeomans work. But today wireless technology is boosting that effort. Roto-Rooter recently embarked on an ambitious plan to deploy wireless devices and software to make field techs more productive and customers happier. The program is currently being piloted in Chicago, and Stephen Poppe, the companys CIO, plans to roll out the system to 1,700 techs across the U.S. by the first quarter of 2004.

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FFA Insider:

Mobilizing the Supply Chain


By Marianne Cotter

Business runs on parts. Even in a service economy business runs on parts because all companies need technology to provide service, and technology runs on parts.

But parts dont last. They break. They wear down. They can be defective. They are consumable. Whatever the reason, the need to replace parts is a certainty for business on par with the pull of gravity from the center of the earth.

But dont underestimate the value of those broken-down, worn-out, defective parts. And dont let them languish in the field or sit forgotten in remote repair depots. And most of all, dont assume that every part a field tech returns is in some way tainted. Don Blumberg of Don Blumberg and Associates estimates that 30 to 35 percent of the parts returned by field techs are perfectly good. The return depot, when handled as a strategic part of the supply chain, is a repository of valuable inventory and insight that can accelerate repairs, drive down costs and fine tune inventory control no matter how geographically dispersed your customer base may be.

Extracting value from returned parts is called reverse logistics, and to master reverse logistics is to master, once and for all, the supply chain.

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Wireless Data Going Vertical
A new study finds enterprise needs shifting back to vertical-specific applications. (Continues...)

Getting Real About Real-Time Technology
In the rush to modernize your field service solutions, dont ignore some of the old ways of doing business. (Continues...)

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cdXpo/Enterprise IT Week Conference
November 17-20, 2003
Las Vegas

Jupiter Research forecasts that enterprise IT will develop "Digital Ubiquity," the ability to access the digital content, both personal and professional, that's meaningful and relevant to a given context through a variety of digital information devices. Early adopters like sales reps and repair technicians had the first obvious mobile applications, but as technology and connectivity become more accessible, the whole enterprise is getting connected. At the cdXpo/Enterprise IT Week conference in Las Vegas Nov 17-20, pioneering practitioners, visionary developers and industry analysts examine the latest developments in mobile computing throughout the enterprise. For more information on cdXpo/Enterprise IT Week contact: [email protected] or

Ultimate Leading Edge IT Conference and Expo
October 14-16, 2003

This event attracts 500 speakers and 10,000 attendees. Seven hot events under one roof, including mobile/wireless and e-enterprise challenges. Readers of Field Force Automation/Mobile Enterprise are offered Free Expo Passes and a 10% discount on conference registrations. Register on-line at:

CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2003
October 21-23, 2003
Las Vegas, Nev.

The most attended mobile data convention that attracts the USER in search of solutions, the CARRIER in search of new REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES and the COMPANIES in search of new PARTNERS. Register today at!

AFSMI S-Business Education Summit and Expo
October 26-30, 2004
Reno, Nev.

Join AFSM International at its latest event. AFSMI is a global, not-for-profit, professional association committed to providing education and networking opportunities which enhance the success of executives, managers, professionals, and their companies involved in s-business. For more information, visit

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