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Syncing Up

ME Gets an Upgrade
New design, New Focus for Mobile Enterprise.

As I mentioned last month, Mobile Enterprise has been undergoing a transformation. With this month’s issue, the evolution is complete. We hope you’ll notice not only the new look and feel of the magazine but also the refined focus of the editorial content.

Gone is our old organizational structure, and in its place you’ll find six new sections to the magazine. From now on we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date information on Field Service solutions, Mobile CRM systems, the mobile Supply Chain, how Infrastructure ties everything together, the Next-Generation Wireless networks being used and a Vertical Focus, which each month will highlight the issues facing a different industry. Mobile Enterprise will continue to print compelling customer case studies, the latest mobile news, thought-leading analyst columns, breaking research, new mobile products and in-depth cover stories about our readers and the solutions making their enterprises truly mobile.

In this re-launch issue, Executive Editor Michelle Maisto details how a New Jersey power company used mobile technology to become the number one electric utility in the country. Read her in-depth cover story starting on page 16, and see how mobility played a part in its success. On page 22, Arielle Emmett shows us how CRM software systems and service-oriented architectures are providing ROI for sales forces. In our first supply chain story, on page 28, we show how an orthopedic supply company moved from a chaotic paper-based system to an organized smartphone solution. And on page 47, Craig Settles’ vertical focus piece takes a look at how public safety finds ROI with mobile technology.

Eric M. Zeman


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