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New Products for Mobile Workers
By Jessica Rivchin

Security Assured
Never lose another night of sleep worrying that your data may not be secure. O3SiS IT, AG’s new SyncML synchronization client for Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile smartphones, enables quick and easy data backup. Data can be transferred between devices and from a mobile device directly to a secure server. A lost or stolen device can immediately be locked, and data can be transferred to a new phone within minutes. SyncML also allows users to wirelessly synchronize PIM data and other items in Outlook. Price: Starts at $25.

Pharos’ iGPS-500 provides location and navigation capabilities to Microsoft’s new line of Ultra Mobile PCs. At a mere 36 by 33 millimeters—even smaller than its predecessor—the 500 iGPS chip adds GPS technology to any Ultra Mobile device via a USB port, CompactFlash or Bluetooth connection. In addition, the iGPS-500 features the highly sensitive SiRFstarIII GPS architecture and a rapid time-to-first-fix. The iGPS-500 is highly compatible with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006, AutoRoute 2006 and MapPoint software. Price: Starts at $99.

The End of Interference?
MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer plugs directly into any wireless device and shows signal strength across the increasingly popular 2.4GHz radio frequency, helping users avoid 802.11 interference from microwaves, cordless phones and Bluetooth by identifying the quietest Wi-Fi channel. Wi-Spy works especially well for Wi-Fi deployments with intermittent bandwidth problems, or in hotspots, such as Internet cafés, where many Wi-Fi devices are
simultaneously in use. Price: $99.

Portable Powerhouse
At 5.26 pounds and less than 1 inch thick, Gateway’s small and lightweight new E-M255 notebook offers the latest in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, a 14.1-inch WXGA widescreen and four Intel Core Duo processors for rapid multi-tasking. An integrated hot-swap modular bay can support a variety of drives, and a smartcard reader can lessen security risks by requiring identity authentication. The E-M255 has a battery life of up to nine hours on a single charge, using high-capacity and modular bay batteries. Price: $1,399.

Connectivity King
RIM’s latest version of the omnipresent BlackBerry offers more than just the standard menu of email, phone and Internet browsing options. The 8700g features a re-engineered device platform for an improved user experience, an Intel processor, 64 MB of memory and faster Web browsing and attachment viewing. Quadband networks offer support for Bluetooth capabilities and 13 EDGE networks. In addition, light-sensing technology automatically optimizes screen
lighting levels, so the bright, high-resolution screen can be easily viewed indoors and out. Price: TBA.

Power in Hand
For fans of the Palm OS, an update to the powerful Treo line-up is now available: Palm recently announced the Treo 700p. With hardware similar to the Windows-based 700w, the “p” version includes EV-DO connectivity for Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel high-speed 3G networks; increased user memory (128 MB); a faster Blazer Web browser; a 1.3-megapixel camera; native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint support; as well as enhanced email and Bluetooth 1.2. Another nifty feature: using the 700p as a high-speed modem for your PC. Price: N/A.

Talk Is Cheap
RTX’s DUALphone may look like an old-fashioned cordless phone, but its ability to allow users to place Internet calls via Skype makes it deceptively high-tech. Just plug your DUALphone into any regular telephone jack and a USB port on your PC. The phone’s display will show whether your Skype buddies are online and allow you to dial them directly for free via the Internet, regardless of their location. The DUALphone is also compatible with Skypeln, which allows users to receive calls from standard telephone numbers. Price: $139.99.

Route This Way
Digi International’s ConnectPort WAN VPN is a commercial-grade 3G cellular router that provides high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites and devices. CDMA, EVDO and GSM HSDPA/UMTS 3G networks are all supported, and a unique Digit SureLink provides an always-on connection. The ConnectPort includes a four-port Ethernet switch, two RS-232 serial ports and one USB port. Additionally, the ConnectPort is easily upgradeable, so users can switch to future 3G platforms via enclosed PCMCIA or PCI Express modules. Price: Starts at $565.

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