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New Products for Mobile Workers

Ready for Anything
The fifth generation of the Fujitsu LifeBook, the T4210, is a great companion on any long, loud or turbulent trip—which may just be the morning commute. The T4210 solves the problem of wanting additional battery life but not the added heft by being the first in the industry to offer a built-in optical drive that can be switched out for a second battery. It additionally features a
bi-directional display hinge (another first) and 3G-force accelerometers that
can sense a free fall and immediately draw the heads away from the drive to protect it during impact. Price: Starts at $1,729.

Deskphones in the Computer Age
The 9630 IP Telephone, a member of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition family, is geared toward users who depend on the phone as their main means of communication. Go mobile with the 9630’s Extension to Cellular feature, which enables workers to leave the office and switch the call to their mobile phone without hanging up. The 9630 also features high-fidelity audio, a bright backlit display, and support for a total of 24 call appearances, making it easier to place call backs and keep in quick contact. Price: $525.

Altogether Now
HP’s three-in-one NAS Docking Station is a quick way for HP notebook users to get charged, backup data and manage file sharing. An integrated 160GB SATA hard drive is designed for secure data backup and recovery, which can be performed automatically using the
included Backup and Recovery Manager software. Additional features include six USB ports (for network print servers, external hard drives, etc.) and MultiBay II and ExpressCard slots for additional expansion. Price: $399.

Conversation Piece
Feeling chatty? With the sleek and lightweight Plantronics Voyager 501SL, you can take and make handsfree calls for up to six hours with, literally, just the touch of a button. Just as easy is the transition from office phone to Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, using the optional deskphone adapter. Killer feature number three is WindSmart, Plantronic’s noise-reducing technology for making sure your voice gets heard. Price: $379.95.

A Thinner Winner
The latest addition to Nokia’s E-Series line of smartphones, the E50, may be the smallest and thinnest of the series but that didn’t stop Nokia from packing in the enterprise features. The E50 can tie into corporate phone networks, routing international calls and giving it the appearance and features of an office phone. Users also have access to mobile email and quadband GSM, Bluetooth and EDGE functionalities. And cooler still, two phone numbers can be installed on this multi-tasker. Price: N/A.

Paper Meets the Digital Age
With Talario’s Xpaper Digital Writing System, contracts and business agreements can be transformed into PDF files using Xpaper, a special kind of paper that’s pre-printed with a
microscopic pattern that allows handwriting to be recorded and transferred to a computer with a digital pen. Simply load your printer with Xpaper, print your document, sign it with the digital pen and within seconds the document will appear as an PDF file fit for emailing: No more lost
documents, no more need to scan or fax. Price: Starts at $99.

Safe Passage
eDoc-Mail is a document and mail delivery program designed for users requiring secure email transference and tracking. Recipients must use a Secure Encryption Key, which has 6,144-bit encryption and ensures that the message is opened by the intended recipient only. Emails are tracked on multiple servers through the delivery process. Once a message is opened, the sender receives a receipt verifying that the recipient used an encryption key to open the email. eDoc-Mail
is government compliant and meets HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. Price: Based on annual membership fee, megabytes and usage.

Go to Your Quiet Place
Nowhere in your office, or on the warehouse floor, to find a little quiet to take an important call? Salemi Industries offers an interesting solution. The Cell Zone is a 7-foot-tall soundproof booth composed of two steel cylinders filled with acoustic material—just the place for workers to retreat to place a mobile call. The Cell Zone comes in 12 colors and five models ranging in size from 2.5 to 5.5 feet wide, is handicap accessible and it sits on adjustable casters for easy relocation. Price: Starts at $2,400.


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