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Voice Recognition

By Michelle Maisto

My first paying magazine job was answering phones at a truck magazine. It’s been eight years, but I still remember the very first call:

“Hey, y’all did this issue, maybe two years ago, with a bright blue truck on the cover? Well, I got that same Corporate 10-bolt, and—can I talk to the editor?”

Talk to the editor? This person had received his monthly magazine, got to thinking he needed some advice and then—and this was the part that left me momentarily speechless—instead of calling his buddy, he’d flipped to the masthead, looked up the office number and called it—called me! Who did he think he was to suppose that the editor—a guy who hadn’t said five words to me—could be his direct personal resource?

He must have taken my silence as a bad sign because he added, “And hey—I’m calling long distance, so please don’t put me on hold.”

What on that first day I considered audacity (I, who as a girl was so shy it embarrassed me to raise my hand in class) I can these days appreciate as some pretty proactive savvy. After a dozen more similar calls, it was clear to me what a boon it was to those editors to have such a direct link to their readers. When they liked something, we heard about it; when they wanted to know something, we heard about it; and when they were appalled that someone would swap a Chevy LT-1 into a Toyota Extra-Cab, well, the letters poured in.

As the new editor-in-chief of Mobile Enterprise, I hope you’re already well aware of what I had been too green that day to understand: I am here for you. There’s nothing I want more for this magazine than to have you consider it a true resource for all of your mobile solution needs, whether you’re considering an implementation, deep into a rollout or just want to keep up to date. The more thoughts, requests and criticisms I hear from you, the better I can meet your needs. So please, drop me a line or give me a call. I’ll even accept the charges.

Michelle Maisto

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