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In-the-know tools for on-the-go workers

Easy Rider
There’s no question that it can be dangerous to fumble about for a cell phone while driving, and for working drivers who receive a high volume of calls, the danger is compounded. It’s with just such users in mind that Sony Ericsson designed its new HCB 100 Car Speakerphone, which offers a safe and easy way to place, receive (or ignore) calls without taking your eyes off the road. The HCB 100, which is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, can easily be clipped to a car’s visor—and later taken with you for hands-free calling in the office, at home or anywhere. It automatically connects with all Bluetooth-enabled Sony Ericsson phones, as well as several other brands, through its Color ID feature. Large, easily distinguishable buttons make it easy for users to answer calls without distraction, and digital signal processing, digital noise cancellation and echo reduction ensure clear audio quality, even on noisy highways. The HCB 100 features up to 20 hours of talk time and 600 hours of standby without recharging, and it can connect with multiple phones at once. Price: TBA.

A Perfect Receptionist
Award-winning Switchvox offers two new IP PBX systems that are affordable, easy to set up, a cinch to maintain, compatible with basic telephone equipment and a fit for companies of almost any size. Price: Starts at $995.

Skoot For Free
Despite its fun-loving name, iSkoot is all business. Simply download the iSkootMobile application to a cell phone, log on to Skype or another Internet chat service and immediately view the availability of online contacts and make Internet calls directly to buddies. In addition, iSkoot users can go online to receive Internet calls and check credit card balances. iSkoot uses a phone’s voice network instead of Wi-Fi or broadband, so it works wherever a mobile phone works. Price: Free download.

You’ve Got the Power
How to keep your batteries charged while on the road? MFUEL’s Notebook Power Bank can simultaneously power and charge notebook computers, adding up to 10 hours of extra run time. The Power Bank recharges notebooks with a universal charging adapter, so 90 percent of notebooks can be charged without the purchase of additional hardware, in over 120 countries. An LCD readout displays charge time and battery level. Price: $299.

Wrapped Around Your Finger
Socket’s Cordless Ring Scanner 9P is the first RFID scanner to fit on an index finger, allowing for quick, easy and hands-free wireless bar code scanning. A lightweight Bluetooth component, which the user wears strapped to his or her forearm, captures the information and instantly transmits it to any Bluetooth-enabled computer. Both the ring scanner and the Bluetooth unit are constructed of LiquidMetal, which is twice as strong as Titanium. Price: $1,199.

Flip and Go!
Option N.V.’s new data card solution, the GlobeTrotter GT MAX, features a multi-band flip-out integrated antenna—meaning that the card does not have to be removed before transport. To use, just deploy the antenna, and when you’re ready to go, just retract it. The GlobeTrotter GT MAX is also the first wireless data card to support all of the commercial HSDPA/3G UMTS networks available today, enabling a 1.8Mbps Internet connection. Price: $99.00 per month for data card and subscription.

One Smart Phone
Featuring a slim, lightweight and simple design, the Smart Digital Assistant (SDA) phone from T-Mobile is the carrier’s first to run on the Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition OS, which includes Outlook Mobile and the ClearVue Suite for viewing Word and PDF files. In addition, the SDA offers Wi-Fi and EDGE capabilities for speedy Web surfing and communications, instant messaging and a battery life of up to five hours. Price: $299.99.

Heavyweight Contender
The Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513, the first notebook computer to come equipped with an HD DVD-ROM drive, is ideal for in-office presentations requiring audio-visual content, as well as meeting backup needs. It weighs in at 9.5 pounds but compensates with features such as high-quality AV capabilities and a bright, 17-inch display monitor, a double DVD burner for file backup, two 60GB hard drives, two USB ports, a Wi-Fi switch and a Bluetooth antenna. Price: $2,199.99.

PAQ Light
The brand-new HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger, the latest device in HP’s mobile connectivity series, is the first handheld device to deliver and receive wireless e-mail using Microsoft’s new “push” e-mail functionality. Through Mobile Messenger, users have access to a mobile phone (iTALK), Wi-Fi hotspots and four integrated radios, including Bluetooth (iCONNECT) and GPS technologies (iFIND). In addition, Mobile Messenger provides enhanced data protection, including the ability to remotely delete data if the phone is lost. Price: N/A

Take Note!
Phatware’s latest, the PhatNotes Professional Edition, offers an easy way to organize notes on any Pocket PC, desktop PC or Palm OS–powered mobile device running Microsoft Windows. Users can search the text of a note, create and organize notes to suit their preferences and more. This new release offers rich text editing and formatting, file attachments, HTML export, hyperlinks between notes, database support and integration with PhatPad. Price: $39.95.


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