Teresa von Fuchs

From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: A Conversation With Daniel Taylor, Managing Director of the Mobile Enterprise Alliance
Posted: 05.04.05
I’d like to share with you an interview with a leader of the non-profit industry association, The Mobile Enterprise Alliance (MEA) conducted by enterprise mobility solution provider, Aeroprise and originally printed in its monthly newsletter “Friends of Aeroprise.” For more info about Aeroprise or it’s monthly newsletter, see
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: Flight of Fancy
Posted: 02.08.05
The lament, "Remember when people could smoke on planes?" sounds like heaven to some, and an unbelievable hell to others. We're heading toward another mixed memory when some will groan and some will sigh, "Remember when cell phones weren't allowed on planes?"
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: Our Modern World
Posted: 01.07.05
We’ve all experienced the frustrations of computer crashes. You’re right in the middle of something and the screen just freezes up—no matter how many buttons you hit or how long you wait, the system just isn’t responding. Though this pain-in-the-arse is a common annoyance for most of us, as we become more reliant on automated systems in the work world to run key business processes, shut-downs can be more than just an annoyance.
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: Batteries Included
Posted: 12.07.04
It’s the holidays again, and though I can’t promise that your corporate Santa will be stuffing your stocking with new cell phones and PDAs, I can guarantee that a few thousand people across the globe will spend the end of 2004 giddy over new gadgets, ahem…I mean Business Tools.
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: Infectious Enthusiasm
Posted: 11.09.04
What gets me really excited about new products is meeting the creators and how excited they are. So often a product announcement these days is just a sleeker, cooler version of a product that already exists, and while I’m a firm believer in the process that goes into creating a perfect tool, sometimes another feature on your phone is, well, just another feature. But innovative products, created by enthusiastic people who really believe in this world’s need for the widget they developed, now that really gets me going.
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: Over Connected
Posted: 10.12.04
While working on an upcoming article for Mobile Enterprise, I had the pleasure of interviewing a handful of top-level executives. One question I asked each of them is how technology had improved the way he or she works. I got two kinds of answers: One was, “technology has allowed me to do my job more effectively, thus freeing up time for family and friends,” and the other was, “technology has certainly allowed me to do more work, more efficiently, but I think my family and friends would prefer it if I could put the cell phone down a little more often.” I think this split is a significant one for today’s workforce.
From the Desk of Teresa von Fuchs: A Mac User Speaks
Posted: 09.19.04
I received my first reader letter in early April regarding an article I had written about the latest thin-and-light laptops. It was from a computer engineer who wanted to express his disappointment in my exclusion of the new Apple PowerBook. Though we had set specific criteria for the piece, which the PowerBook didn’t meet—under three pounds for starters—I felt a little guilty after the reproach.