Rita Kushnir

From the Desk of Rita Kushnir: They Are Here
Posted: 03.23.05
Usually my morning train ride consists of either reading or sleeping, or sporadic intervals of both. This morning, however, I didn’t feel like reading, and I couldn’t sleep because two women next to me were announcing their vacation plans at 140 decibels. So, for the first time in months, I was conscious of what was going on around me. I realized that I was surrounded by a multitude of mobile devices: PDAs, cell phones, MP3 players. People are practically bonded to their gadgets; you can barely tell where a hand ends and handheld begins. I could almost feel the radio waves bouncing about in the stuffy air of the train car. Just when I felt like all the 1s and 0s were about to close in on me, my glance fell on a book someone was reading. And I felt relieved to find, among all this mobilized technology, a real book—just paper and ink, this wonderful vestige of the 20th century.
From the Desk of Rita Kushnir: Drowning in Spam
Posted: 02.22.05
Delete...delete...delete...delete. So many of us start our day by getting rid of unsolicited e-mails. I generally browse through approximately 8 to 10 spam e-mails in search of every remotely relevant message. First I’m being offered all sorts of wonderful medications without a prescription then I find out that I wasted four years of my life attending college when I could’ve downloaded a diploma from a much better school, for a nominal fee, right off the Internet. But who cares about these lost four years when, according to the next e-mail, I just won $100 million in the lottery?
From the Desk of Rita Kushnir: The Evil Twin
Posted: 01.26.05
So you finally spot an empty table at Starbucks, put some sugar into your latte, hang your coat over your chair and crack open your laptop. While surfing, you realize that you forgot to pay your credit card bill. No problem, right? You log-on to your provider’s Web site, take a sip from your cup and make an online payment. Now you don’t have to worry about your account for another month and you open up CNN to see what horrible things are happening around the world. The beauty of Wi-Fi!