Michelle Maisto

From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: When You Care Enough to Send Something
Posted: 02.15.05
Back in the winter of 1999, when Mobile Enterprise was still Field Force Automation, it contained a small insert magazine called eCRM, which ran a story about the pressure on young online companies to perform under the holiday crush. That winter the country was occupied with wondering whether Y2K was going to wipe our computers clean, and it was the first year, I believe, that my friends and colleagues seriously adopted online shopping, using lunch breaks to search the Web and, with great satisfaction, cross items off their lists without leaving their desk chairs.
From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: All I Want for Christmas
Posted: 12.21.04
As the number of Top-10 and Must-Have holiday gift lists for professionals and the shoppers who love them grows shockingly—unnervingly—higher, I have but a single product plug/holiday suggestion. Do with the information what you will.
From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: Cellular Buffet
Posted: 11.19.04
The conspiracy theories started a few months back, after my cell phone quietly slipped to the bottom of a swimming pool with an Olympic-athlete’s lack of splash. One free-with-service-activation Motorola camera phone down the drain (or, resting nearby it, anyway).
From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: Technology to the Rescue? It’s debatable.
Posted: 10.20.04
Laptops; highspeed, wireless Internet access; streaming video—these are a few of the small miracles that tether us to home when we’re far away, offering us comfort in their convenience, speed and reliability.
From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: Mobile for the Masses
October 2004
I don’t live and breathe mobile technology. There—I said it. I’ve come clean. Sure, I have 802.11g in my apartment (via an Apple AirPort Express plugged in under the hanging clothes in my closet) and I’ve come to find dial-up intolerable; until recently, I never went anywhere without my cell phone; and I can’t imagine life without my laptop (I have no patience for sitting in one place). But I’m hardly what you might call tech-savvy.