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Syncing Up

Turning Ben on His Head
Posted: 10.01.05

By Eric Zeman

What’s the predominant benefit of mobility? I would say the freedom granted by wireless and mobile technologies far surpasses any other real or perceived advantage. The ability to connect and grab or send information from just about any location is the defining element of the mobile enterprise. This freedom grants workers unprecedented access to the data they need to make timely and informed decisions that can affect the bottom line.

What’s interesting is that while enterprises go to extreme lengths to secure their wired networks, many are leaving the back door to their infrastructure not only unlocked but wide open through unsecured mobile technology. By failing to enact even rudimentary security tactics, many mobile enterprises are, in effect, reversing Benjamin Franklin’s famous maxim: “They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” By giving up security for a little bit of freedom, mobile workers are jeopardizing their enterprise.

Our special focus on security in this month’s issue will help guide you through the basic steps of securing your business. There are many avenues that lead to security, including VPNs, biometrics, passwords and encryption. Writer Arielle Emmett and Staff Editor Teresa von Fuchs explore the technology options and provide readers with fundamental information about security, so you don’t run the risk of turning Ben on his head.



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