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Syncing Up

Evolution or Revolution?
Posted: 09.01.05

By Eric Zeman

The word evolution evokes the idea of slow progress and change, taking things step by step, a natural move from the old to the new. Conversely, revolution speaks of violent upheaval, radical and quick change, experiencing an immediate new tomorrow. When applied to mobile and wireless, it’s hard to say whether it is evolving or undergoing a revolution. The pace of development for technology is slow, and we can see things coming from a long way off, so it’s no real surprise when they arrive.

The wireless industry has certainly been evolving toward 3G for nearly a decade, but now that the technology we’ve seen on the horizon for so many years is really and truly here, you’ll find the evolution has become a revolution in terms of the freedom 3G technology grants to mobile workers. To learn more about the revolutionary changes and new tomorrows possible with 3G, take a look at our article on page 40.

Another way to learn these days, especially on college campuses, is through WLAN access. See how students make use of Wi-Fi on page 48. Need to know exactly where your service fleet vans are? GPS and GIS solutions provide a great way to track your enterprise’s assets. Read about them on page 22. Or if pharmaceutical sales is more your bag, you’ll want to turn to page 32 to learn how to use your mobile assets to yield greater gains from your sales team.



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