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Syncing Up

Sales Means Business
Posted: 07.01.05

By Eric M. Zeman

Former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge once remarked that, “The chief business of the American people is business.” I heartily agree. Upon being introduced to new people at summer cookouts (ok, at business meetings, too), one of the first questions you generally ask them is, “What do you do?” Our publisher, Ed Meskill, is a very outgoing guy, and it’s normal for him to strike up a conversation with whomever happens to be standing or sitting next to him. And he always asks about business.

Knowing what work someone performs helps give us an edge to starting a conversation, and it’s one of the many clues that tells us how to relate to them. If you’re a salesperson, relating to your customers and understanding their needs is half the story. Making the sale often means playing intricate give-and-take games—or hardball, if that’s your style. My guess is you’d be hard pressed to find a salesperson who hasn’t looked for some way to get an edge in the sales process.

Enter CRM software. Customer relationship management tools are a great way to track leads and follow the sales process from start to finish, as well as to enhance productivity. Writer Arielle Emmett takes a look at the newest CRM models, such as on-demand subscription services, and discusses partial and completely mobile solutions for the traveling sales rep. With CRM, your sales team can get busy with business.



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