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Syncing Up

Practice What You Preach
Posted: 07.04

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd write this month's column on my Pocket PC to complement our cover story on PDAs and smartphones. I've used this little device countless times to take notes during meetings and briefings, mostly by tapping away at the software keyboard. I've found it's great to have Word documents of my notes that I can file, rather than the chicken-scratched, hand-written memo pads that aren't so tidy.

By Eric M. Zeman

I must admit, after a few minutes, it can become frustrating and fraught with errors due to my less-than-skillful, hunt-and-peck method of typing. So I cheated by using an IR keyboard that unfolds and props up my Pocket PC for easy viewing. It got the job done just a bit quicker, even while waying back and forth on the bus ride home.

When I finished, I hard synched with my PC at home and then e-mailed myself the file. A bit process-intensive, but here it is on the printed page. If I'd had a wireless Internet connection, whether it be 3G or Wi-Fi, I could have e-mailed the file directly from the Pocket PC and saved a step. Is that sort of streamlining worth the extra cash it takes to have a wireless connection? What if I had a PDA or smartphone with built-in keypad? Would that have been easier than the software keyboard?

It's questions like these that prompted us to write our cover story about PDAs and smartphones, and mobile versus wireless computing. Enjoy.

Eric M. Zeman


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