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Syncing Up

The 19th Hole
Posted: 05.04

When my high school golf coach retired at the end of my junior year, he took me aside and put it all in perspective for me: "When you put your hand in a bucket of water, then pull it out," he intoned, "does it leave a hole?"

By Matt Purdue

I've never forgotten Coach's understated style, and nearly 20 years later I'd like to think that my departure from Mobile Enterprise will have the same effect. Four and a half years after helping launch this magazine as editor, I am leaving to become executive editor of a newsstand financial publication based in New York.

While I'll continue to contribute to Mobile Enterprise, it's time for you to get accustomed to a new face on this page. I'd like to thank the entire Mobile Enterprise team, the people whose elbow grease and creative labor bring you our magazine, Web site and newsletter each month. I'd particularly like to acknowledge our publisher Ed Meskill, the heart and soul of Mobile Enterprise. My sincere appreciation also goes out to Jeff Blanch, Eric Zeman, Camille Kelly, Teresa Von Fuchs, Susan Froberg, Matt Collins and Bryan Pedersen. Fairways and greens.

Matt Purdue


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