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Syncing Up

Cutting Through the Static
Posted: 02.04

At the turn of the 19th century, a Serbian immigrant named Nikola Tesla developed a novel solution for transmitting electric current. Tesla’s innovation was met with derision from the man known—deservedly or not—as America’s electricity czar, Thomas Edison. After years of coil toil, Tesla’s ideas were finally adopted, and today alternating current (AC) systems are universal.

By Matt Purdue

Tesla’s AC experiments were backed by copper magnate J.P. Morgan, who surmised that millions of miles of copper wire would be needed for Tesla’s networks. Of course, when Tesla began working on a way to transmit electricity wirelessly, Morgan dropped him.

Like many pioneers, Tesla was misunderstood in his time. The same can be said for those leading the wireless data revolution. This issue of Mobile Enterprise is dedicated to wireless data, both the state of the industry now and the promise it holds for the future. In many enterprise circles, wireless data is still considered a limited tool at best, and an expensive and overly perplexing quagmire at worst.

But our cover story focuses on one company that is not only utilizing wireless data, but staking its reputation on it. Contributing editor Randi Rosenberg writes about IBM’s strategic initiative to outfit its mobile sales reps with wireless solutions that help them not only better react to customer needs, but collaborate with colleagues in real time anywhere.
I’ll hope you’ll find it an illuminating example of how “tomorrow’s” solutions are quite feasible today.

Matt Purdue
[email protected]


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