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Vettro and IRTH Create Mobile Software to Protect Underground Assets
Damage to underground utility lines can result in public safety issues, environmental hazards and significant financial loss.  To prevent
excavation damage, IRTH, an underground asset protection software company that serves 10 states, teamed up with Vettro to develop mobile applications to streamline the delivery of information to underground facility owners and operators.  The multi-colored spray painted lines at construction sites mark the location of critical underground infrastructures (gas line, fiber optic cables, other utility framework).  One Call Centers operated by organizations like Arizona Blue Stake are typically engaged to deploy various utility stakeholders
to visit construction sites and mark it up.  IRTH and Vettro will improve data flow quality to reduce over-notifications, streamlining
workforce dispatch, and improving critical damage prevention metrics for all users that interact with the One Call Center.      

Vettro has already developed a 'proof-of-concept' project with the Virginia Utility Protection Service (VUPS) and the finished product will be rolled out in Q2.