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Psion Teklogix's New Mobile Printers Complement Rugged PDAs

New line of printers completes end-to-end mobile computing platform


Cincinnati, Ohio – In a move to equip its customers with complete end-to-end mobile computing and wireless data collection solutions, Psion Teklogix (LSE: PON) (www.psionteklogix.com), today announced the availability of its PTX Print Mobile printer line. The new printers, PTX Print PRINTABOUT, PTX Print MLP3030 and PTX Print MLP 3040, combine small size, lightweight and ruggedness with a rich set of features for virtually any mobile printing application.  By offering its Psion Teklogix branded line of printers, the company is providing customers with one-stop flexibility for their mobile device sales, service and support.


The result of a partnership agreement with Printek, Inc., a leader in the mobile printer industry, Psion Teklogix’ new PTX Print Mobile printers are easily integrated with the company’s full line of mobile handheld and vehicle-mounted devices as well as customers’ existing solutions.


The extremely rugged printers are ideal for applications ranging from warehouse label printing, field service documents and receipts to healthcare labeling and parking citation printing, among others.  The PTX Print Mobile printers can be mounted on equipment or worn on the body, and communicate with hand held or other computing devices by cable or wireless connection.


“There is a great synergy between our product lines and our customers who demand lightweight, yet highly durable mobile printers,” said Julie Payovich, president and COO, Printek, Inc. “We are looking forward to a mutually rewarding partnership by providing Psion Teklogix with this line of printer solutions.”


Among the new line of printers is the PTX Print PRINTABOUT (also called the PTX-MP-2000), a compact, lightweight, thermal printer designed specifically for mobile sales, field service and public safety applications. The PRINTABOUT, available in wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cabled versions, is 10 percent smaller than competitive models and 40 percent lighter. It is IP54 rated for water and dust resistance and rated for repeated 4-foot drops to concrete. The PTX Print MLP 3030 3-inch printer and PTX Print MLP 3040 4-inch printer offer graphic rich labels, wireless communication and quick production of receipts.  The printers combine an IP54 rating with ease-of-use, flexible vehicle mounting options, and can be carried on a belt or shoulder.

"This agreement is another significant milestone for Psion Teklogix, both in our efforts to provide our customers with complete end-to-end solutions, and in our strategy to partner with industry technology and market leaders such as Printek," said Ron Caines, president of the Americas, Psion Teklogix. “Printek is a leading mobile printer company, and by combining our expertise we can meet the growing need of our markets for rugged mobile computing devices.”


For more information on Psion Teklogix’ PTX Print Mobile line of printers, please click on https://www.psionteklogix.com/public.aspx?s=us&p=Products&pCat=299.



About Psion Teklogix, Inc.

Psion Teklogix is a global provider of mobile computing solutions which deliver real-time access to enterprise data at the point of activity to improve business efficiency and productivity for leading enterprises throughout the world. Solutions are built around a range of high-quality, innovative mobile computers designed for tough and demanding environments. Psion Teklogix has leading expertise in rugged hardware, integration, service and support and in new and emerging technologies including image capture and RFID. With over three decades of industry experience, Psion Teklogix has customers in more than 80 countries, and over 39 sales and support offices in 23 countries. The Psion Teklogix parent company, Psion PLC, is listed on the London Stock Exchange (PON.L).  For more information, visit www.psionteklogix.com.


About PrintekMobile

The name Printek has been synonymous with innovative business printing for almost 30 years. Printek has supplied superior printing solutions to a variety of Fortune 500’s, SMB’s, and government agencies, worldwide. The PrintekMobile Group of Printek, Inc. is enjoying ever-growing success in the mobile printing marketplace.


All PrintekMobile printers are designed to withstand challenging work environments. All PrintekMobile printers are backed by unparalleled support and comprehensive warranties. PrintekMobile offers direct thermal printers designed for field service, route accounting, manufacturing, retail, transportation, public safety, hospitality, warehousing and distribution applications. They print invoices, forms, receipts, tickets, labels and other documents used in mobile solutions worldwide.