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Redefining and Transforming Your Mobile Field Force with a Real-Time Service Area Network
Recorded Event - Available on Demand

- Greg Lush, Chief Information Officer, The Linc Group, LLC
- Gene Signorini, VP Enterprise Applications & Mobile Solutions, The Yankee Group
- Susan Nunziata, Editor in Chief, Mobile Enterprise
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Critical Success Factors in Building a Mobile Enterprise
Web Seminar On Demand

>>David Wiegand - IT Director, Landscape Development, Inc.
>>Eugene Signorini, Vice President, Enterprise Applications & Mobile Solutions, Yankee Group
>>Stephen J. Salvitti, InfoLogix Enterprise Mobility Solutions, InfoLogix
>>Leah Gabriel, Motorola Industry Solutions Group
>>Sheldon Safir, Motorola
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Going Mobile: Building the Business Case and Deployment Plan for Service Excellence
On Demand
Micky Long, Research Director, Strategic Service Management Practice, Aberdeen Group
>> Michael Calcinari, VP Service Planning and Support, Danka
Debbie Geiger, VP Marketing, Astea International
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Mobilizing Your Field Workforce - Real Benefits of a Real-Time Service Area Network
- Mark Vigoroso, Chief Research Officer, & SVP, Service Chain Management, Aberdeen Group
- Jim Archer, VP Solutions, Astea International
- Carol Dostal, Product Manager, Astea International
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