Mobility Management for Dummies
In this informative Dummies Guide, you'll learn why mobility management and security is vital to your business. Plus, we’ll introduce some of the best solutions and why you need to be prepared for the future—today! Download Now

A Practical Approach to Wireless 2.0
Creating "Wireless 2.0" is a tall order given the breadth of client and application types, the demands of voice and video, the speed and complexity of 802.11n, high-density environments, etc. Controller-based vendors are not delivering on their promises of Ethernet-like determinism, so this whitepaper defines how the next generation of Wi-Fi infrastructure will address performance, reliability, scalability, security, and deployment flexibility using a controller-less architecture. Download Now

In-Car Cellular Signal Boosters
No doubt you have experienced a dropped call or had your data rate slow to virtually no data access while using your cellular phone or data card in your car. In this white paper by Andrew Seybold and Robert O'Hara, he offers the solution: Cellular signal boosters from Wilson Electronics. Download Now

Field Service Mobility Best Practices: Leading Companies Realize 20% Productivity Gains With A Mobile VPN
Learn how Unilever, Continental Airlines, Cox Communications and more than 1700 other organizations use mobile VPN best practices to ensure that workers get connected and stay connected while changing networks or locations throughout their day. Eliminate application crashes, secure sensitive data, reduce related IT trouble tickets and improve service delivery for an exceptional customer experience. Download Now

How Mobile Printing Enhances Efficiency in Route Accounting and DSD
Automating route activity provides benefits both in the field and in the office by reducing the labor and time needed to enter data and process paperwork, cutting inventory errors, and by helping drivers record orders and deliveries more quickly. Mobile printing provides a series of quality improvements and timesaving benefits that are often overlooked in route automation, but can have a significant impact on the bottom line.  Download Now

Six Steps to Protecting Your Organization from Outbound Content Leaks
Email, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and smartphones are incredibly useful and dangerous, representing an enormous risk because they allow sensitive, confidential or inappropriate content out of an organization. As a result, appropriate oversight and policies must be established to help employees understand how and when these tools should be used. Learn the 6 steps to protecting your organization.  Download Now

Improving Field Service Productivity and Profitability with Mobile Automation Tools
This white paper provides guidance to help you identify specific field service activities that would benefit from automation, presents use cases and ROI opportunities for automating various processes, explains what to look for in mobile computers, printers and connectivity options, and presents guidelines for evaluating and selecting solution providers. Download Now

Looking Beyond Acquisition: Total Cost of Ownership and the Role of Enterprise-Class Devices
With their higher failure and replacement rates, consumer-grade mobility devices for field service operations can come at a hefty cost. Learn how adopting rugged, enterprise-class devices can improve performance and deliver clear-cut total cost advantages, including stronger support for enterprise-level security; higher productivity and opportunity for revenue; and more efficient device management. Download Now

Proactive IT Service Management (ITSM) for Enterprise BlackBerry & iPhone: A How To Guide for Mobilizing Your Workforce
Mobility has moved beyond being a simple extension of enterprise messaging systems, to a platform designed to drive top-line revenue and competitive advantage. This White Paper discusses how IT can use ITSM principles to best serve C-Suite and departmental heads eager to mobilize their workers and the business. Includes the critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) behind all effective ITSM for mobility plans. Learn how to deliver reliable mobile IT Services at the lowest cost and risk while driving continuous improvement. Download Now

Distracted Driving - Understanding Your Business Risk and Liability
Mobile phones are critical to modern business productivity. However, used while driving, mobile phones pose a serious danger to employees and an expensive liability to companies. Authored by ZoomSafer, the leading provider of innovative software to prevent distracted driving, this white paper documents the enormous liability faced by businesses who fail to implement and adequately enforce employee safe driving policies. Dowload Now

Purpose-Built Technology and Value-Driven Mobility in Rugged Handheld Computers
Rugged handheld computers can dramatically improve customer service, accuracy, and productivity. But how do you choose the right solution for your business? The secret to success is to carefully match features to needs.
Download Now!

Top 10 Trends in Teleworking - Business Drivers for Working Remotely, and the Technology to Make it Secure
Read this eBook to learn more about today's drivers of teleworking and the technologies that enable it.
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Author: SonicWALL

Securing the Everywhere Network
Old ways of securing corporate resources have gotten more difficult, expensive and ineffective. Find out how to solve this security challenge in this exclusive white paper.
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Author: SonicWall

Managing Device Diversity: How To Embrace Employee-Owned BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile Smartphones (And Make Your CIO Smile)
Enforced standardization on any one mobile device within the enterprise is on the way out. With the consumerization of IT, employees are making smartphone choices based on a blend of personal and business needs -- and demanding that IT support them. So IT can either fight the employee device invasion or proactively establish a portfolio of supported mobile platforms and services, an approach called "enabled compliance." This free handbook explains why enabled compliance -- backed up by an automated Mobile User Management strategy -- is what IT management and CIOs need to maximize mobile worker productivity while optimizing the balance of service quality, cost and risk to the organization.
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Mobile Solutions On-The-Go and Ready for Action: Unlock the power of mobile resource management
Download "Mobile Solutions On-The-Go & Ready For Action" to learn how leading enterprises are using the latest mobile resource solutions to take advantage of real-time data and location services. See how these tools are enabling companies to improve workforce efficiency and enhance profitability. Click here to download this free custom publication brought to you by Mobile Enterprise and AT&T. Download Now

Complimentary Report: iPhone in the Enterprise
Given the iPhone's widespread popularity, IT managers will have to solve their security and manageability issues. This paper outlines the iPhone challenges for enterprises and introduces ways that they can be addressed without changing existing enterprise messaging infrastructures.
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Consider Environmental Factors When Choosing a Rugged Tablet PC
The growing market for mobile computers is characterized by confusion about the meaning of the term rugged. While there are some specific ratings that gauge performance, terms like rugged are not easily defined. Users must evaluate levels of protection in the specific environment in which the computer will be deployed. Download Now

The Value of Outsourcing Mobility during an Economic Downturn
This paper demonstrates how outsourcing provides a cost-effective way to address the complexities of enterprise mobility initiatives. Using a hypothetical case, it shows how entrusting processes such as deployment, depot, and support to mobility experts enables enterprises to meet mobility needs while avoiding significant investment in personnel, training, and processes. Download Now

Mobilizing Field Forces on Smartphones
For many field workers, smartphones can perform many of the required tasks at a fraction of the cost of rugged handhelds. Through interviews with companies experienced in using rugged devices and smartphones, the analysis shows that smartphone-based field service solution had a 14%-85% lower TCO than alternate rugged solutions. Download Now

The Impact of Device Management and Security In Your Mobile Strategy
Sybase recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the importance of mobile device management and, in particular, mobile security and the associated issues that keep CXOs up at night. Get your report now, compliments of Sybase, and see how your mobile strategy stacks up against your peers. Download Now

A Guide to Field Mobility: Empowering Your Field Workforce Today for a More Successful and Profitable Enterprise Tomorrow
Turn Your Enterprise ON with a 20-page Field Mobility Resource Guide Get a FREE copy of Motorola's new, 20-page offer - "A guide to field mobility: Empowering our field workforce today for a more successful and profitable enterprise tomorrow." Learn how your enterprise can maximize the value/utilization of the field workforce. This guide reveals why mobility has become a best practice out in the field; showcases how the lack of mobility will impact the health of your business - and your ability to compete; and offers great case studies that prove the power of mobility in action. Download Now
Author: Motorola

Embracing Next-Generation Mobile Platforms to Solve Business Problems
In this White Paper, IDC analyzes the role of next-generation mobile enterprise platforms as organizations seek a more strategic deployment of mobile solutions. The White Paper analyzes why mobility is important to enterprise customers; discusses key past obstacles across technology, supplier deployment, and customer adoption; and identifies vital criteria for choosing a next-generation platform. Sponsored by Sybase. Download Now

Adopting a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
By enabling strategic mobile deployments, organizations can realize significant benefits including reduced cost of ownership, easier application development and deployment, simple back-end integration and centralized management and security. This "Strategic Mobile Deployments "newsletter explains how to adopt a mobile enterprise application platform and highlights how two innovative companies, Delta Technology and Energy & Combustion Services, are deploying mobility initiatives to gain a competitive advantage. It also features research from Gartner Inc., the Magic Quadrant for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, 2008. Download Now
Author: Sybase

5 Best Practices for Smartphone Support
Discover how your IT team can support smartphones with ease, lightening its burden and freeing up time for proactive work. Featuring real-world examples from NuStar Energy and Palm Valley Healthcare, this paper reveals how fast, easy remote smartphone support can help maintain employee productivity and lower overall costs. Download Now

Leveraging Automation to Improve DSD & Route Accounting
In this whitepaper, by Motorola and Zebra, automating DSD operations is a proven practice to help increase productivity and profitability benefits. Mobile computing applications can help prevent order-entry errors and assist DSD staff in managing inventory more accurately and efficiently. This white paper will show how operations can be enhanced with additional applications, wireless data communication, on-site invoice printing and other enhancements to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency and profitability. Download Now
Author: Zebra

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