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Small Enterprises Benefit from BeInSync

By Jessica Binns

When it comes to backing up and sharing large files, small enterprises are often left without affordable options, as they generally don’t have the resources of a large corporation. It was with this group in mind that Tel Aviv-based BeInSync, pioneers in simple, straightforward file sharing, storing and syncing, developed an enhanced version of their Web-based services BeInSync Free and BeInSync 3.0 Pro, which are used by 4 million individuals worldwide.

BeInSync 3.0 Business includes all of the features of the Pro version—syncing multiple computers, sharing files among users, accessing files remotely—but adds one more: the ability to back up files online. “BeInSync provides a comprehensive, integrated one-stop solution for all your data needs,” says Adi Ruppin, VP of marketing for BeInSync. Small enterprises can back up all desktops and laptops quickly and easily. The backup service uses 256-bit SSL and 448-bit Blowfish encryption and retains an unlimited number of file versions.

The Business edition’s backup capabilities rely on Amazon S3, or Simple Storage Service, from the Internet retail giant Amazon.com. S3 is affordable, secure and highly scalable, and an added bonus for BeInSync is that Amazon’s storage service never has scheduled downtime—so there are minimal disruptions, if any, to the backup service. “There hasn’t been a single hiccup since we’ve been using Amazon S3,” Ruppin says. Data stored in S3 is replicated in data centers in various geographical locations. Another important BeInSync feature is its secured private data network, a patent-pending technology that Ruppin refers to as an “on-the-sly VPN.”

“BeInSync eliminates the support headache of deploying a VPN, which is difficult to manage,” Ruppin says. “Now, small businesses can back up files without an I.T. staff.” Setting up BeInSync Business is simple: go to the Web site, www.beinsync.com, create an account, deploy additional users and install clients. Enterprise management can use a Web-based central administrative console—branded with the enterprise logo—to monitor their users and computers and get an overview of all syncing and backup activity. Business edition users can take advantage of e-mail and phone support in case of technical difficulties, another differentiator from the BeInSync Pro and Free versions.

BeInSync’s Business service is offered at $20 per month per user, but small enterprises can select a customized plan and take advantage of, for example, only the backup feature. The Business version is especially useful to companies with a significant number of mobile workers and telecommuters who need to access or send corporate files when not in the office. The service is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems, although there has been some demand for Apple computer support, according to Ruppin. BeInSync Business will be available starting on September 24, 2007.