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January/February 2008


Aruba Bets On UMA

Attention, Shoppers

Focus on Healthcare: Securing User-Controlled Records

Where Are You?

Cover Story
Mobile Trading
How the Chicago Mercantile Exchange went wireless against all odds.

More Bull Than Bear
The financial services sector is cautious about deploying mobile solutions.

Digital Version - Mobile Enterprise
View the Digital Issue - January/February 2008

UMA Isn't Universal — Yet
With the number of WIFI-enabled phones on the rise, the potential
is growing for widespread UMA adoption in the enterprise.

Open Source
A Seat At The Mobile Round Table
Understanding your road warriors is crucial.

Special Section
The Formula for Mobility Success
Mobility ROI depends on knowing how your organization is set up to leverage the technology

Supply Chain
Mobile VPN for the Field
When the Swedish Post modernized its package tracking service,
it discovered the importance of a flexible mobile VPN.

Syncing Up
What's Your Outlook?

Green and Blue All Over

New Products for Mobile Workers

Power Pack

Show Off

Text Tracker

Top-Notch Tablet

Vertical Focus
Healthy Prognosis
Hospitals choose mobile solutions to maximize patient care.

Whats Ahead
Outlook 2008
Members of our Editorial Advisory Board discuss hot topics for the year ahead.