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March 2008

A Call For Help
Dial 9-1-1 in North America and you'll connect to one of 6,500 Public Safety Answer Points (PSAPs) in the US (and more in Canada). But you'll connect to an analog system little changed since it was introduced in 1969 for one homogenous landline network.

Hyper User Awareness
No matter the industry - healthcare, higher education, government, infrastructure, etc. - every organization should have a defined user awareness program.

Wireless M2M
Over the next 18 months, Rocky Mountain Power will deploy 4,000 custom-designed load control units from Kyocera and M2M Communication that will enable the utility to efficiently balance electrical power supply and demand between agricultural and residential customers.

Cover Story
The Wireless Campus
Universities aren't only hotbeds of higher learning. They're also oftentimes on the cutting edge of deploying the latest wireless solutions.

Digital Version - Mobile Enterprise
View the Digital Issue - March 2008

That's Entertainment!
What role will the I.T. executives who are currently managing their enterprises' mobility solutions be asked to play as their corporations move into delivering advertising, marketing and content directly to consumers via mobile phones?

Next-Generation Wireless
In Case of Emergency
In December 2007, a gunman entered a Louisiana State University (LSU) campus apartment building and killed two doctoral candidates. LSU reacted by sending two text messages to the 8,400 students who had registered for its clearTXT-provided emergency notification service. The only problem? Not everyone who had signed up received the alert.

Open Source
Open Spectrum
The auction of "beachfront" 700 MHz spectrum that began Jan. 24, 2008, marked a watershed in U.S. wireless communications, at last freeing a portion of airwaves from the restrictive device and application rules of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T.

Syncing Up
The Mobile Workforce

New Products for Mobile Workers

Whats Ahead
Part Two: Outlook 2008
Mobile Enterprise invited the members of its Editorial Advisory Board to share their views on what's ahead for the wireless enterprise.