Compatible: ToughBooks And Brother Mobile Printers
Secaucus, NJ and Bridgewater, NJ -- Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, manufacturer of durable, reliable Panasonic Toughbook computers, and Brother International Corporation, a leading manufacturer of office and commercial printing and imaging solutions, announced that Panasonic has issued a compatible rating to the Brother MPRINT line of printers, including the MW-140BT and MW-260 wireless MPRINT mobile printers.
This rating provides assurance to integrators and end users that the products have passed testing regarding compatibility for field service applications. Panasonic Toughbook notebooks are designed to meet a wide range of Field Service applications, where wireless printing of receipts and other documentation is often a critical function in assuring productivity, error reduction and customer satisfaction.
The ultra-portable Brother MPRINT MW-140BT and MW-260 mobile printers, which utilize Bluetooth technology, provide field workers with an affordable, reliable way to print high quality, mobile service receipts and proof of delivery, on demand, directly from their Toughbook notebook. "Panasonic Toughbook notebooks are the solution of choice for many mobile professionals, and the Brother MPRINT printer is a perfect complement to any Toughbook mobile solution. 
Together they can help increase field worker productivity, save time and improve customer satisfaction by providing on-the-spot printing of data and transactions that are critical to your business," says Ravi Panjwani, Director of Business Solutions -- Label & Mobile Printers, Brother International Corp Panasonic partners with leading hardware companies to integrate the most advanced wireless hardware components into the full line of Toughbook products. Panasonic only selects hardware partners that share Panasonic's core values of reliability, quality and customer satisfaction.

"Brother's MPRINT mobile printers, with their ultra-lightweight form factor, reliability and high quality, cut-sheet output exemplify the value propositions we espouse. It is for these reasons that we wanted to test for interoperability, and the compatible rating demonstrates our commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. The result is a robust mobile computing solution that helps minimize downtime while increasing productivity," said Thell Gillis, Sr. Manager, Market Development, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company Field Service Applications.
With a Panasonic Toughbook notebook and a Brother MPRINT mobile printer, field service personnel can print repair reports, repair estimates, certified inspection sheets, up-to-the-minute business quotes, collection receipts, payment receipts, product information, and work order confirmations.
Field service associates can quickly print proof of work performed using MPRINT printers at the customer site and leave the cut sheet receipts (versus curled receipts or hand written receipts) with the customer, which can  lead to increased customer satisfaction. MPRINT Mobile Printer Features MPRINT mobile printers are ultra-light-weight, and the MW-140BT and MW-260 models are designed to interface wirelessly (Bluetooth) with Panasonic Toughbook notebooks.
The MW-140BT is about the size of a paperback book, and prints on 3"x4" size output; the MW-260 is slightly larger, allowing for printing on sheets up to 4"x6" size. The MW-140BT weighs in at less than 11 ounces, and the MW-260 is about 18 ounces (incl. a lithium ion battery and a paper cassette). Their compact size, internal paper cassette, and variety of cut-sheet output media open up a world of new possibilities for the use of mobile devices in the field. Housed in sleek silver designs, the MPRINT printers produce crisp, quiet 300 dpi printing on two different media cassettes, including receipts, and 2-ply carbon copy sheets (additional purchase required). Included with each printer are an up to 50-sheet paper cassette and a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of printing up to 100 pages on a single charge (MW-140BT).**  Also available are ruggedized cases that give field workers the added convenience of wearing the MPRINT printer on a belt (MW-140BT).***
The MPRINT mobile printers use ThermaPlus M paper tailored specifically for mobile applications.  It feels like plain paper, is easy to write on, and helps reduce print fading.  The unique carbon copy paper simultaneously prints an original and a copy.  It even supports capture of a client signature for authorization or proof of receipt. Pricing and Availability Panasonic Toughbook notebooks are available exclusively through authorized Panasonic Toughbook resellers nationwide. Please call 800-662-3537 or visit for more information.
Brother MPRINT Mobile printers are available with an estimated street price for the MW-140BT of $399****, and $499**** for the MW-260. 
Developers can download a copy of Brother's MPRINT software and software development kit. About Brother International Corporation Bridgewater, New Jersey is the corporate headquarters for Brother in the Americas, from Canada to South America and has fully integrated sales, marketing services, and manufacturing, research and development capabilities, located here in the U.S. 
In addition to its headquarters, Brother has facilities in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas as well as subsidiaries in Ohio, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. About Panasonic Computer Solutions Company Panasonic Computer Solutions Company empowers the mobile workforce. The company is a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE: MC).
Panasonic has delivered reliable, durable mobile solutions through its Toughbook line of notebook computers for fifteen years and has expanded the boundaries of wireless communications technology through a broad portfolio of products, ranging from fully rugged, industrial strength notebook computers and tablet PCs to business-rugged thin and-light and ultra portable notebooks. 
A core manufacturer, Matsushita and its subsidiaries control the entire process of design, manufacture, quality assurance, service and support. As a result, Panasonic Toughbooks are known for having the lowest failure rates in the industry. Government, industrial, and commercial users--from Fortune 1,000 companies to small businesses--rely on solutions from Panasonic, wherever their work takes them.
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