Improved Sierra Wireless Watcher Connection Manager Enhances Mobile Experience
Sierra Wireless has released Version 3.1 of Sierra Wireless Watcher connection manager for use with Sierra Wireless HSPA devices.

Sierra Wireless Watcher software is used by network operators and PC original equipment manufacturers worldwide to provide end users with a simple, efficient user interface for their Sierra Wireless mobile broadband devices. Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 offers a new contemporary look and feel that is simpler to use, provides valuable real-time insight into device and network performance, and can be easily customized by network operators and OEM customers.
  • Updated User Interface - Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 features an intuitive modem-network dashboard reporting important information such as modem status, connection status, network signal strength, and roaming information, and a quick launch button tray to provide users with quicker access to the most popular features. Clear 2G/3G and connection technology icons in the updated status window allow users to quickly determine their available coverage, which helps to set network speed expectations and reduce technical support calls.
  • Customization Options - With an easy-to-use skinning tool, Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 provides network operator and OEM customers with the option to customize the look and feel of the user interface to reflect their service offerings and branding.
  • Browsing Performance Improvements - Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 optimizes the PC for mobile broadband network use by increasing the number of concurrent HTTP connections, producing up to 50 percent faster web page download time. This makes a real impact on the mobile broadband user experience.
  • Automatic Updates - Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 users can opt to have the latest features and updates to firmware, drivers, and Watcher installed automatically. This feature is designed to check for updates when the PC is idle and network traffic is low. A download pause-and-resume capability prioritizes PC usage over updates, pausing the update download when the PC is in use and resuming it during idle time.
  • GPS Application Support - Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 includes integrated GPS application support. Clicking the GPS icon in the quick launch button tray triggers the GPS monitor, which reports the number of satellites acquired and provides location information. The map button within the GPS monitor exports the current location to one of several third-party mapping tools, providing easy access to navigation assistance and other location-based services. Users can also set GPS parameters to assist in the search, such as the fix rate, the location accuracy and the preferred units of measurement.
  • Operating System Support - Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 supports Windows Vista (32/64-bit support), XP (32/64-bit support), and Windows 7 Beta (32/64-bit support).
"Sierra Wireless Watcher connection manager is highly valued by customers of our mobile broadband enabled notebook computers for its simplicity and functionality," said Meinolf Althaus, Director Corporate Strategy, Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "Our experience with the new automatic software update feature has been notably positive. The reliable application and firmware update mechanism remotely upgrades our devices to enable higher speed networks and new application features, while significantly reducing our customer support requirements."

"We are committed to continuously improving our software products and features to bring value and benefit to our customers, with a strong focus on end user performance and ease of use," said Trent Punnett, senior vice president of Marketing and Corporate Development for Sierra Wireless. "Our Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 connection manager, with its improved usability and performance, serves as a practical example of this commitment and focus."

Sierra Wireless Watcher 3.1 is available at no charge for download from the Sierra Wireless website.

Sierra Wireless modems and software connect people and systems to mobile broadband networks around the world. The company offers a diverse product portfolio addressing enterprise, consumer, original equipment manufacturer, specialized vertical industry, and machine-to-machine markets, and provides professional services to customers requiring expertise in wireless design, integration, and carrier certification.
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