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The automated software solution helps companies maintain optimal performance across a wide range of different mobile platforms.

Key features of YouMail 2.0 include a streamlined user interface, enhanced organization tools, an improved voicemail transcription experience, and more efficient options for following up on a message.

The app provides BlackBerry users with a 'Print' option in the device's email client, which enables the user to search for and print at any Ricoh HotSpot printer.

The app monitors device radiation levels, and prompts users to take steps to decrease radiation exposure when appropriate.

The new version offers improved performance and user interface responsiveness, among other enhancements.

A wide range of additional functionality has been added to the app.

Users can now take photos from within the application and attach them to the related voice file, attach any document or file to BigHand dictations and submit them to the relevant workflow, and access and review final documents via BlackBerry.

The app provides users with access to their backed up files on their BlackBerry smartphones.

New features in version 3.1 include projected telecom plan overage alerts, enhanced international roaming alerts, enhanced voice and SMS tracking, GPS asset tracking, new anomaly alerts, and automatic plan optimization.

The software is designed to support lone workers and travelers, especially in high-risk and remote locations.
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