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Aspera, which makes content delivery software, will announce a 3G and WiFi version of its product called Fasp Air for the Apple iPhone tomorrow.
Are you using a Palm-brand smartphone for business purposes? Despite all recent attention for the Apple iPhone and Google Android, one business software company, FlightView, says it's seeing plenty of customer adoption on the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi devices.

Google yesterday debuted new mobile administration features for its Google Apps Premier and Education Edition software.

Canvas Solutions, a startup, has a unique spin on the idea of mobile app stores -- specialize in business software and offer subscriptions.

Open-source company xTuple, known for its CRM and ERP software, this week launched the first in a series of platform-specific mobile applications that may later be complemented by a single multiplatform product.

Accela and Government Outreach are examples of software companies developing mobile access for the public to reach local officials.
Apple iPad: Any Good For Enterprises?
Apple's new iPad is out of the closet. Anyone see creative business uses for this product, beyond what many people already do with existing tablets?

The Future of Windows Mobile -- What Do You Want To See?
Bunch of rumors around the Web this week, concerning the future of Windows Mobile. Microsoft says it'll show new things at Mobile World Congress next month...
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