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The electronic signatures industry is moving toward mobile software, but experts say any chance of killer-app status is at least a few years away.
The average enterprise is already using 2.8 different smartphone platforms. Mobility management is the key to creating order from the chaos.

There's been a fourfold increase in employee-purchased devices used for business purposes. In many cases, workers are choosing to bypass enterprise IT departments entirely to use their own mobile devices for work.

More than one third of all data breach cases studied by the Ponemon Institute in 2009 involved lost or stolen laptop computers or other mobile data-bearing devices. The cost to a corporation of such breaches is 10% higher than the average total cost of a data breach.

What should IT departments expect from mobile middleware vendors in 2010? We sought the opinion of Gartner analyst Bill Clark, who recently co-wrote the report Magic Quadrant for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms.

Restoring telecommunications services, developing mobile apps, and aggregating SMS to facilitate aid are just some of the ways mobile technologists from around the globe are working to provide much-needed tools for the relief organizations working in earthquake-stricken Haiti.
Apple iPad: Any Good For Enterprises?
Apple's new iPad is out of the closet. Anyone see creative business uses for this product, beyond what many people already do with existing tablets?

The Future of Windows Mobile -- What Do You Want To See?
Bunch of rumors around the Web this week, concerning the future of Windows Mobile. Microsoft says it'll show new things at Mobile World Congress next month...
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