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Formuesforvaltning -- meaning "Wealth Management" -- is the largest private wealth management company in Norway. Messageware helped solve their mobile Outlook challenge, but Formuesforvaltning took it beyond out-of-the-box solutions.
For a company focused on risk management and claims administration, Cannon-Cochran Management Services Inc. had surprisingly little knowledge of trends among its own employees' travel expenses.

Laptops were too big, handhelds were too small. See which device turned out to be in-between and just right for the Visiting Nurse Association Of Central Jersey.

By switching from an inadequate pen-and-paper/PDA combo to a new rugged tablet-based solution, field data collection processes that would have taken about two weeks are now being completed in three days.

The courier giant, which has about 100,000 wireless handheld computers currently in the field worldwide, has been testing out a few hundred engineering models of the MC9500.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is seeing inventory costs drop thanks to a WLAN-based asset tracking solution.
Apple iPad: Any Good For Enterprises?
Apple's new iPad is out of the closet. Anyone see creative business uses for this product, beyond what many people already do with existing tablets?

The Future of Windows Mobile -- What Do You Want To See?
Bunch of rumors around the Web this week, concerning the future of Windows Mobile. Microsoft says it'll show new things at Mobile World Congress next month...
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