Aberdeen Report: Is FMC The Next “Killer App” For Mobility?
In February 2008, Aberdeen conducted a global survey of more than 230 organizations to assess why they're considering FMC solutions and the benefits they have gotten from that investment. The answers make a strong case for FMC in the enterprise.
Author: Philippe Winthrop

What Is FMC, And What Does It Mean To Your Enterprise?
There’s a lot of hype surrounding fixed-mobile convergence. What do enterprises need to know before deploying this type of mobility solution?
Author: Jessica Binns

That's Entertainment!
What role will the I.T. executives who are currently managing their enterprises' mobility solutions be asked to play as their corporations move into delivering advertising, marketing and content directly to consumers via mobile phones?
Author: Arielle Emmett

UMA Isn't Universal — Yet
With the number of WIFI-enabled phones on the rise, the potential
is growing for widespread UMA adoption in the enterprise.

Author: By Jessica Binns

Preparing For 4G
Will 700 Mhz spectrum be the proving ground for next-gen rollout?

Author: By Andrew M. Seybold

The Center of the Matter

Compliance Matters
Author: By Michael Barbella

Going Global
Author: By Arielle Emmett

Mobile Device Management
Beyond over-the-air updates, there is real ROI in knowing what you have, how you use it and who you're buying from.
Author: By Craig Settles

Smart Mobile Strategies for SMBs
Author: Arielle Emmett

Securing and Maximizing Wireless Investments
Author: Francis Rabuck

Wireless Insecurity
IT managers are using middleware as the strong arm to help enforce mobile security policies.
Author: Arielle Emmett

Resource Management
The benefits of reaching out and actually reaching someone.

Author: Michelle Maisto

3G Today
Now that we have it, how do we use it?

Author: Andrew M. Seybold

Meeting the Mobile Market
Looking beyond wireless email, RIM mobilizes applications.

Author: Eric M. Zeman

Data on the Edge
Sybase provides mobile workers with the freedom to go iAnywhere.

Author: Jessica Rivchin

In The Know
when information at the point of conflict can make all the difference, look to real-time alerts.

Author: Michelle Maisto