Voice Recognition
Michelle Maisto

My first paying magazine job was answering phones at a truck magazine. It�s been eight years, but I still remember the very first call:

�Hey, y�all did this issue, maybe two years ago, with a bright blue truck on the cover? Well, I got that same Corporate 10-bolt, and�can I talk to the editor?�

Talk to the editor? This person had received his monthly magazine, got to thinking he needed some advice and then�and this was the part that left me momentarily speechless�instead of calling his buddy, he�d flipped to the masthead, looked up the office number and called it�called me! Who did he think he was to suppose that the editor�a guy who hadn�t said five words to me�could be his direct personal resource?

He must have taken my silence as a bad sign because he added, �And hey�I�m calling long distance, so please don�t put me on hold.�

What on that first day I considered audacity (I, who as a girl was so shy it embarrassed me to raise my hand in class) I can these days appreciate as some pretty proactive savvy. After a dozen more similar calls, it was clear to me what a boon it was to those editors to have such a direct link to their readers. When they liked something, we heard about it; when they wanted to know something, we heard about it; and when they were appalled that someone would swap a Chevy LT-1 into a Toyota Extra-Cab, well, the letters poured in.

As the new editor-in-chief of Mobile Enterprise, I hope you�re already well aware of what I had been too green that day to understand: I am here for you. There�s nothing I want more for this magazine than to have you consider it a true resource for all of your mobile solution needs, whether you�re considering an implementation, deep into a rollout or just want to keep up to date. The more thoughts, requests and criticisms I hear from you, the better I can meet your needs. So please, drop me a line or give me a call. I�ll even accept the charges.

Michelle Maisto