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November 30th, 2004



Minding the Gaps
By Bryan Pedersen

Whenever someone buys a phone, one of the first questions on his or her mind is coverage. And then the inevitable happens. A colorful map is often displayed with vast swathes proclaiming the area as dutifully covered by said carrier. Everything looks perfect, but if it were possible to zoom in, all the little dead zones where calls routinely drop and frustration runs paramount would come into focus. This is the area a company called DeadCellZones.com hopes to shed some light on.

Users are able to go to the Web site and either search for a list of user-submitted “dead zones” in their calling region or voice their gripes by contributing to the growing database. The site is moderated by the owner, Jeff Cohen, and was launched four years ago when Jeff was living in L.A. near the beach. It was a major problem area for cell phone coverage at the time, and he decided to start an open database for other Los Angelinos on which to list problem coverage zones. The site quickly grew and soon Cohen opened it up to the entire country. Currently there are about 12,000 records in the database, which continues to grow.

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Multifunction AP From Airmagnet and Engim Lets OEMs Deliver Full-Spectrum, Full-Time Intrusion Protection and Security
Engim, developers of next-generation silicon that redefines the capacity, security and manageability of wireless LAN infrastructure, and AirMagnet, the leader in wireless LAN (WLAN) security and performance solutions, today announced a new solution to provide access point manufacturers and their customers with the industry¹s most comprehensive, integrated 802.11 security and intrusion prevention system. This multi-function AP is the first access point with an integrated security sensor, and the first that includes dedicated Wi-Fi monitoring of all channels and bands for real-time security without disrupting end user traffic. This consolidation of functions enables OEMs to provide users with unprecedented security, new economies of service and substantial operational efficiencies.
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Bandspeed Announces Patent for Improved Wireless Crosstalk Cancellation and Interference Suppression
Bandspeed, a leader in next-generation semiconductor solutions for wireless LAN access points, today announced that the company has been awarded a patent on improved wireless crosstalk cancellation and interference suppression technology. The patent (#6804313), generated by Dr. Stan Skafidas, co-founder and CTO of Bandspeed, describes new techniques which can improve 802.11n signal reliability and clarity, and it is applicable in MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) systems.
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World-Leading Wireless SME Security From Check Point For Less Than £300
VAD (value added distributor) Wick Hill is today launching a revolutionary and inexpensive solution from Check Point, which will pave the way for the rapid expansion of wireless computing in the UK. At less than £300*, the product provides an affordable, comprehensive wireless security solution and print server, with the reliability expected of the world's leading supplier of Internet security solutions. It is ideally suited to both SMEs and larger organisations.
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Bob Egan
Mobile Competency

Bluetooth – A Back Door Into The Enterprise
By Bob Egan

What's Happening: Hackers are using Bluetooth to attack mobile devices such as PDAs and handsets. One example is Bluejacking, which exploits a Bluetooth device's ability to “discover” other nearby devices in order to send unsolicited messages. Another is Bluesnarfing, which uses the same ability to access information stored on the device – such as a contact list – without the user's knowledge.

Our Conclusions: Enterprises should view Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing as shots across their bow. It's foolish to dismiss them as minor security flaws, which ignores what they really are: back doors to the enterprise. We believe that the next wave of attacks will focus on corporate LANs by targeting Bluetooth PDAs and smartphones that are synced with PCs behind the firewall. The damage could include spreading a virus that infects other PCs on the LAN, or gaining access to proprietary information stored on network servers.

Action: Enterprises should recognize that because Bluetooth comes in all shapes and sizes, the security risks extend far beyond PDAs and smartphones. For example, some laptops ship with Bluetooth, potentially creating a back door into the enterprise when the laptop is connected to the LAN via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

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