Vol. 4, No. 37
October 31, 2005

Five Points of the Compass
By Eric M. Zeman

Leading edge? Or lagging behind? With the pace of technological change, it can be difficult for any decision maker or IT professional to know where their organization stands in deploying and effectively using a given technology, and in the still maturing world of mobile technology it can be even more challenging. While enabling a workforce with mobile voice capabilities provides certain value, overlooking other aspects of mobile technology, such as simple applications or the right type of network access, can prevent businesses from realizing the full ROI and productivity benefits the technology has to offer. It is with this in mind that Nokia is introducing five phases of workforce mobility that companies can employ to evaluate their own use of mobile technology and ensure proper planning of a successful mobile strategy.

The five stages start from an organization's idea of mobile technology and the integration of mobility into an overall IT strategy, and play out the course of mobile technology to the point where the way business is done is forever changed. That shift is still ahead, but in between the two extremes lay several phases many companies can identify with now—from starting to mobilize workers as more of a matter of convenience, to taking the notion of mobility for granted and focusing on increased productivity.

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Asigra Stops Backup Software Hackers Cold with 256-BIT Encryption and Multiple Layers of Protection
To address the growing threat of backup hacking that plagues agent-based backup software approaches, Asigra, the technology leader in agentless distributed backup and recovery software for network computing, stated that the company's Televaulting for Enterprises solution delivers a way to provide multiple layers of protection with strong encryption, up to AES 256-bit encryption and prevents unauthorized access to corporate data.
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Guidepoint Lets Drivers Track Their Car Via Cell Phone
Guidepoint today launched a new service that lets drivers track and control their vehicles with a cell phone, BlackBerry or other Web-enabled wireless device.
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Next Gen Software for Mobile Survey Automation
Entryware 5.0 leverages the power of a Pocket PC or Palm OS device to provide a level of functionality that has traditionally been found only in high-end survey tools for desktop and Internet use. “Entryware 5.0 represents a major leap forward in the field of survey software,” says Mark Cameron, President and Co-founder of Techneos Systems Inc. “Entryware allows research managers to design questionnaires of virtually unlimited size and complexity, and to hide that power behind an elegant handheld interface that requires almost no training at the field level.”
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Third Issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook

Outlook 4 Mobility and Mobile Enterprise Media's joint venture targets IT professionals with quarterly reports on wireless and mobile computing convergence. A lot has happened since the second issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook. Here are some highlights from the third issue:

- Wireless broadband services
- How to provide better wireless network coverage inside your company
- Location-based services
- The move toward turning our wireless sevices into our command-and-control devices

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3G World Congress & Exhibition, November 14-18
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

The 10th Annual 3G World Congress & Exhibition is a global industry gathering of the mobile and wireless communications industry. You can explore the most exciting and rapidly growing telecom markets and technologies in this Asia 's largest dedicated wireless show. Visit www.3Gcongress.com for more info.

Mobile Technology, November 7-9, 2005
The Renaissance Esmeralda, Indian Wells, California

Mobile Technology allows systems integrators, handset manufacturers and wireless carriers to see the latest and greatest mobile computing and wireless data communications technologies to consider integrating into their product and service offerings. Mobile Technology is designed for executives with systems integrations, handset manufacturers and wireless carriers who are responsible for deciding what mobile technologies will be acquired and resold to their customers, from consumers to the enterprise. It is also a great venue for venture capitalists and the press who want to see some of the rising stars in mobile and wireless technologies. Click here for more info.

Mobile Resource Management: Improving the Management Visibility of Field Activities Using Mobile Technologies, November 30-December 1, 2005
W Hotel Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

This conference explores the telematics, wireless location, as well as the fleet and asset management strategies needed to overcome business challenges facing the mobile workforce managers. Attend and meet with top decision-makers to discuss the current developments, planning, implementation and management processes you need to gain a competitive edge. Click here for more info.


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