Vol. 4, No. 36
October 14, 2005

Should RIM Users Be Worried?
By Michelle Maisto

NTP, the company suing Research In Motion for infringing on several of its patents, has been granted an injunction to stop the sale of RIM BlackBerry devices in the United States as well as RIM’s popular e-mail service, with the exception of service to government customers. It requested this after an August court ruling that RIM had violated seven of NTP’s infringements, RIM asked the United States Court of Appeals to rehear its appeal, and the court declined. This past Friday, RIM then requested that the injunction be suspended while it takes its rehearing appeal to the Supreme Court. Should RIM BlackBerry users be worried?

“I don’t think the injunction’s going to hold up, because it’s very much anti-business,” offers Tim Scannell, founder and chief analyst of Shoreline Research, a consultancy specializing in mobile and wireless technology initiatives. “It doesn’t do anybody any good.”

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Enterprise Solutions Webinar Series: Wireless Applications in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals - October 27, 2005

In support of the educational program, CTIA's Wireless Internet Caucus and Mobile Enterprise Media have implemented a partnership agreement to launch a series of instructional Webinars focused on specific market segments and to create an online forum, through which enterprises can more easily and effectively evaluate wireless data solutions.

Wireless Applications in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Webinar presents: what other healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are doing with wireless technology and how your company can use wireless applications and devices to improve its performance, including:

- Improved patient monitoring capabilites
- Medical records on demand via mobile data
- Greater sales force effectiveness
- Improved speed of response with e-notification
- Higher patient satisfaction with wireless response teams

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Mobile Solutions Guide

Click Here to download the 2005 CTIA/Mobile Enterprise Mobile Solutions Guide. Learn how leading companies are utilizing the latest in mobile technology to improve their business operations.

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Mobilize - Intellisync

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Uptime - Panasonic

Click here to see the inaugural issue of Uptime, a digital magazine from Panasonic. For more than fifteen years, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company has produced the field service industry’s most reliable mobile PCs—legendary Panasonic Toughbooks(R). Rugged and wireless, Toughbooks are total computing solutions, allowing service technicians to maximize their productivity no matter where their jobs may take them. Award-winning Toughbooks are built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring maximum uptime in the field or in the office.

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Third Issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook

Outlook 4 Mobility and Mobile Enterprise Media's joint venture targets IT professionals with quarterly reports on wireless and mobile computing convergence. A lot has happened since the second issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook. Here are some highlights from the third issue:

- Wireless broadband services
- How to provide better wireless network coverage inside your company
- Location-based services
- The move toward turning our wireless sevices into our command-and-control devices

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Tantus Networks Plans to Roll Out More Than 500 WiFlux Free Wireless Internet Hotspots in Chicago in the Next Year
Tantus Networks, a full-service wireless network integration firm in downtown Chicago, has announced that it is moving forward with plans to roll out more than 500 free wireless Internet hotspots throughout downtown Chicago and surrounding areas.
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Hantro and Bitboys Demonstrate Joint Video and 3D Graphics Solution for Mobile Devices
Hantro, a developer of mobile multimedia technology and Bitboys, a provider of 3D and vector graphics IP solutions for wireless ICs, will be demonstrating a combined solution of video and 3D graphics technology for mobile devices at the Symbian Smartphone Show, held at ExCel Centre, London, U.K., October 11th and 12th, 2005.
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Diversinet Introduces Two-Factor Authentication Multi-Token Wallet for Symbian OS Phones
Diversinet, a provider of mobile-enabled personal authentication and security solutions today announced at the Symbian Smartphone Show the release of the industry's first OATH-compliant multi-token wallet available for Symbian OS mobile phones. Diversinet's MobiSecure Token Wallet allows consumers to load as many strong authentication credentials as they need into their Symbian OS mobile phones, eliminating the need to carry a variety of strong authentication tokens to access their bank accounts, enterprise networks and online communities.
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The Rules Of The Road Are About To Change.

Introducing the Zebra RW 420 mobile printer.  It's born to be fast, born to be tough and born to be mobile. From invoices and receipts to mobile payment processing, Zebra's RW 420 simplifies life on the road while driving revenue to your bottom line.  It's the ultimate traveling companion, so your team gets in, gets out, and gets on with their routes.

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Distribute and synchronize data with Progress PeerDirect.

Central, remote, online or off, distributed applications can all provide the same high quality of service. Improve system availability and minimize network connectivity as a point of failure. Learn how. Read "Distribute Your Applications and Mobilize Your Data."


SecureGOV 2005, October 16-18, 2005
Hot Springs, Virginia

Through an eclectic mix of keynote presentations, interactive think tanks, roundtables, workshops and conference sessions, the U.S. Government's elite will evaluate key strategies and technologies essential to overcoming top security challenges currently facing the public sector. Click here.

WiMAX World Conference & Exposition, October 26-28, 2005
Boston World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts

WiMAX World Conference & Exposition is the world's largest wireless broadband business solutions event focused on covering WiMAX business and technology solutions. The conference is endorsed by the WiMAX Forum and is sponsored by the industry's leading wireless broadband solution companies including official corporate host Motorola and sponsors AT&T, Siemens, Intel, NextNet, Fujitsu, IBM and 130+ sponsors and exhibitors. WiMAX WORLD 2005 includes over 3 days of comprehensive seminars, special events and exhibits. Save $200 on your conference registration – use priority code: WMXMEM or receive a complimentary EXPO PASS – use priority code: WMXOPXF. For more info, see www.wimaxworld.com


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