Vol. 4, No. 38
November 15, 2005

Five Points of the Compass

Leading edge? Or lagging behind? With the pace of technological change, it can be difficult for any decision maker or IT professional to know where their organization stands in deploying and effectively using a given technology, and in the still maturing world of mobile technology it can be even more challenging. While enabling a workforce with mobile voice capabilities provides certain value, overlooking other aspects of mobile technology, such as simple applications or the right type of network access, can prevent businesses from realizing the full ROI and productivity benefits the technology has to offer. It is with this in mind that Nokia is introducing five phases of workforce mobility that companies can employ to evaluate their own use of mobile technology and ensure proper planning of a successful mobile strategy.

The five stages start from an organization's idea of mobile technology and the integration of mobility into an overall IT strategy, and play out the course of mobile technology to the point where the way business is done is forever changed. That shift is still ahead, but in between the two extremes lay several phases many companies can identify with now—from starting to mobilize workers as more of a matter of convenience, to taking the notion of mobility for granted and focusing on increased productivity.

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Telcontar Gets Personal with Next Generation Location Platform
Telcontar, a supplier of software and related services for the Location-Based Services (LBS) industry, has announced the availability of Drill Down Server (DDS) 4.0 platform and Traffic Manager 4.0, the latest version of its geospatial engine that powers leading Internet portal mapping services such as Google Local, Yahoo! Maps and Ask Jeeves. The new DDS 4.0 platform represents a breakthrough in real time location services by enabling proactive notification of relevant, real time data to users for routes that they use everyday. The Traffic Manager 4.0 extension allows users to integrate the most accurate traffic feeds available with dynamic detour routing from DDS 4.0 to take drivers to their destination as fast as possible.
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AirGATE Demonstrates New Wireless Authenticity Verification System
AirGATE Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of the X-Change Corporation, will showcase several aspects of the company's cutting-edge technology at The RFID HUB kickoff celebration today in Dallas. Senior management as well as research and development team members will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions concerning the company's new authentication system (AirAVS), as well as its innovative child safety seat technology and inmate identification system. AirGATE Technologies is a launch partner and one of the sponsors of the event.
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Freetext to Fuel Growth in Business Text Messaging
Nottingham-based Esendex has announced today that it is to launch the UK's first "open access" Freetext SMS service and that it has exclusive rights to the sought-after 8-0800 short code. Esendex, the UK's provider of business text messaging solutions, will launch the Freetext service to enable companies and public sector bodies to provide customers and employees with a 'free' text messaging service.
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Fourth Issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook

Outlook 4 Mobility and Mobile Enterprise Media's joint venture targets IT professionals with quarterly reports on wireless and mobile computing convergence. A lot has happened since the second issue of Mobile Enterprise Outlook. Here are some highlights from the third issue:

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Mobile Resource Management: Improving the Management Visibility of Field Activities Using Mobile Technologies, November 30-December 1, 2005
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