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August 2003

Tech Tools

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Tech Tools

Compiled by FFA staff

Dry Dock

I’m sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away. I’m sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time. No sir, Mr. Otis Redding, no more wasting time with the Apex III 4-Bay Docking Station. Compsee has introduced the docking station that makes the routine operation of transmitting data to and from the host more efficient, user-friendly and expedient. Benefits of the station include safe storage, battery charging and a single network connection for the transmission of data to and from the host. Packaged into the station are four Apex III Docks and a Serial-to-Ethernet Converter. The real power and convenience behind the Docking Station comes from the use of TCP/IP Transaction Manager Software. TCP/IP Transaction Manager for Windows (TM/w) provides the ability to allow for communications between multiple Apex Terminals. TM/w gives the user the ability to fully automate the communications process by providing a scripting language that allows the user to send, receive and delete. Transaction Manager Software is designed to: eliminate excess user interaction with the PC; communicate over an IP Network; communicate to multiple Apex III and Apex IV Terminals; and send and receive multiple files during a single communications session. Price: $2,100. Contact: (800) 628-3888; www.compsee.com

Loud Enough for Ya?

You’re halfway home at the end of the day when your boss calls and tells you he needs a phone number that you’ve left on your office PC. Then, a high priority client phones to say she needs a file e-mailed to her. Once again, it’s not with you. It takes a lot of guesswork to always have the right data on-hand from your PC when you need it. CTC offers LoudPC, a totally new way to remotely access and share PC files, e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes from any browser, Web-enabled phone or PDA. The LoudPC service gives users real-time access to their “My Documents” folders along with full, real-time, interaction with their Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express data. LoudPC enables users to work from home, while on the go, and even share files and information with others without having to be computer literate. By accessing Outlook and Outlook Express in real-time, LoudPC enables users to manage their information from any remote location. For example, from a cellphone a user can add or change a calendar appointment. Outlook instantly shows the new appointment at the PC. LoudPC has built-in features that allow users the ability to selectively share Outlook information such as their files, calendar, contacts and e-mails with co-workers and friends who also use LoudPC. Price: introductory special of $59.95 for 12 months. The price includes free upgrades, unlimited access and free Web chat tech support. Larger license options are available. Contact: (918) 524-4642; www.loudpc.com

You Buy It, You Wear It

There’s a new addition to the Atigo family, its name is Atigo M. Xybernaut introduced Atigo M to the Atigo platform of products—a line of wearable computers designed for dual use as a wireless flat panel display (FPD) or a stand-alone, wireless-enabled mobile/wearable computer. Atigo M adds increased processor power with an Intel Xscale 400MHz CPU as well as greater SDRAM (128 MB standard). Atigo products are built-to-order and can be readily customized to meet client needs, including design elements, such as use of corporate logos and colors or configuration aspects, such as computing features and application support. Atigo products have internal, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a run-time of approximately three hours under continuous use. Additionally, the Atigo L and M have optional, hot-swappable external batteries that more than double run-time. All Atigo products have 8.4-inch touch-screen-enabled TFT displays with SVGA resolution that is readable under most light conditions. Though all Atigo products have multimedia features, including a built-in 16-bit sound microphone/speaker and a stereo headphone jack, the Atigo M adds enhanced support for high-quality video. Price: Hardware starts at $1,795. Contact: (888) 992-3777; www.xybernaut.com

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