March 23, 2006



March 1, 2006

Mobile Tools

The New Convertible - With AdvanceTecís new AdvanceCommunicator Desktop Speakerphone and Base Station, any Motorola iDEN phone can instantly be converted into a desktop unit that can both make and receive cellular calls.
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The New Convertible
With AdvanceTecís new AdvanceCommunicator Desktop Speakerphone and Base Station, any Motorola iDEN phone can instantly be converted into a desktop unit that can both make and receive cellular calls. The AdvanceCommunicator features improved signal reception in remote areas and allows users to record cellular conversations via an analog audio output port. With a focus on interoperability and disaster preparedness, the AdvanceCommunicator offers mobile professionals a reliable way to always be heard. Price: Starts at $225.

Small, Light and Bright
At 2.4 pounds, the new 3400MP Projector from Dell is easily portable yet still offers a bright, clear presentation and an eco-mode option for quieter operation. The 3400MP has a superior high contrast ratio of 2100:1, an integrated zoom lens and full connectivity options. Additional features include Texas Instrumentsí DLP DDR technology, which provides large, bright, seamless color
images with high color fidelity and consistency. Price: $1,299.

Rough and Tough
Twinheadís new Durabook N15RI is tough enough to meet military 810F rugged specifications, which, roughly translated, means its magnesium alloy body can survive your spilled latte and the drops and bangs of frequent travel. Twinhead has paid particular attention to the LCD screen and hard driveóthe two things that most commonly put a laptop out of commissionóby banding the former in rubber and surrounding the latter with extra anti-shock protection. In addition, the new Durabook features an Ethernet card slot, a DVD-ROM drive and overall high-quality system performance. Price: Starts at $1,000.

Print on the Run
The PocketJet3 Plus with Bluetooth is Pentaxís latest offering in mobile printing. Weighing in at a mere 1.12 pounds, this newest model offers the same features and speed as the original. The PocketJet3 runs on a long-life NiMH battery and is compatible with desktops (PCs and Macs) as well as PDAs. Users can print three pages per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi, and the addition of Bluetooth provides an easy-to-use, reliable wireless printing connection from up to 300 feet away. Price: Starts at $529.

Take the Gate With You
CommuniGateís latest update of CommuniGate Pro is a
feature-rich software package for employees on the go. The program supports 20 platforms and offers users access to e-mail and calendar as well as real-time applications such as VoIP, video and instant messaging. The main server subsystems include a variety of features, including identity and storage management, data access services and RADIUS, an advanced security interface. Price: Starts at $699.

Speedy Delivery
LapLink Everywhere 4 provides PDA and smartphone users with anywhere access to applications, databases, e-mail and any other Outlook data. The new version also features a streamlined user interface and remote desktop search capabilities powered by Google, which help facilitate speedy interactions. LapLink also protects all data with 128-bit encryption and allows users to send files of any type or size from one device to another. Price: Unlimited remote control starts at $10.95 per month.

Ever feel like you need your very own assistant just to keep track of all your calls and correspondence? Well, wish no longer. The Onebox Executive is an automated personal receptionist that keeps busy professionals connected to their offices by forwarding e-mails, calls and faxes to wherever the user tells it to. Additional features include caller identification, fax by phone capabilities and instant notification of new messages or faxes. Plus, your Onebox e-mail can be easily synchronized with other external accounts. Price: Starts at $16.95 per month.

Stay InTouch 
Iím InTouchís newly updated server software, Corporate Server Edition Version 2.0, provides users with a host of server communications that can be accessed via PCs, cell phones and PDAs. Wireless access features include full desktop viewing and control from most Pocket PC devices. Non-Pocket PCs support access and management of data, as well as the ability to invite remote guests to your PC for online demonstrations. In addition, users can easily and rapidly transfer files between devices. Price: Starts at $1,995.

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