February 19, 2006



ClairMail Unveils Revolutionary Approach to Mobile Application Access for the Enterprise

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ClairMail, Inc. (www.clairmail.com) today officially introduced ClairAccess, an elegant new approach to providing enterprise customers with mobile access to applications and services. ClairAccess enables users to send an email or text message from any device to interact with any enterprise application and immediately receive a message back with the information or action required to be productive.

ClairAccess can provide companies with mobile access to 100% of their enterprise application library, with no re-development investment or software installation and provides both improved security and centralized control. With the simplicity and novel architecture of ClairAccess, companies can empower their mobile workers and millions of their customers with an easy to use and always available connection to critical applications.

Mobilizing access to enterprise applications has proven difficult, requiring the development of device specific mobile applications or mobile browser solutions that require a series of serial steps for each application access. Today mobile users are often forced to email or call someone to get results. ClairMail’s approach eliminates the frustration and delays of mobile access alternatives, reducing the time to get results by 90% or more.

“After looking at a number of different options for providing employees with secure, mobile access to customer information from wireless devices, SGC Financial selected ClairMail for its innovative approach and hassle-free solution,” commented Edward W. Link, CEO and Chairman, SGC Financial, a comprehensive financial services firm. “SGC has selected ClairAccess to enable our employees to quickly access customer information via BlackBerrys and other mobile devices. ClairAccess will provide our mobile workers immediate access to the information they need the most, when they need it, without the reworking of our applications. Ultimately, ClairMail will help SGC Financial to be as responsive as possible to our customers, and that makes it a natural fit with our overall IT and business strategy.”

ClairMail has established partnerships with many leading device and application providers to extend the value of their solutions using the ClairAccess platform and services. ClairMail is featured as one of the launch applications in Salesforce.com’s new AppExchange and has technology and marketing relationships with Research In Motion, Inc., IBM and several leading system integrators.

ClairMail’s flagship offering, ClairAccess, provides enterprise customers with on-demand, full service, one-click mobile access to applications and services. The ClairAccess Appliance™ features a transactional messaging server that sits behind the firewall to extend email, SMS, and IM as trusted paths to all internal applications and web resources. ClairActions™ are email addresses that are stored in the device’s address book and automate access to a variety of business applications and services. ClairProductivity Packs™ provide a set of pre-defined ClairActions tailored to specific applications, vertical markets or groups of mobile users.

“Mobilization approaches to-date have generally failed because they’ve focused on replicating application functionality on the device itself, but the desktop user experience does not translate well to mobile handheld use,” stated Joseph Salesky, CEO, ClairMail. “Users go into an application to get or do something specific. ClairMail is about automating the retrieval of information and enabling actions in applications, putting access in the hands of mobile workers and customers to allow them to complete tasks while mobile, using the messaging tools they rely on everyday. ClairMail quickly empowers mobile workers, customers and partners to easily request, receive and interact with critical business information.”

ClairAccess extends mobile access to any application or service for any text or email-enabled mobile device. With ClairAccess, enterprises are able to extend both new and legacy applications to their mobile customers for self-service solutions, without installing or maintaining a client on the end-user device.

ClairAccess is available immediately from ClairMail and its partners as an appliance or as a hosted service.
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