March 23, 2006



Mobile Tools - September 2005

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Making Connections Simpler

Novatel Wireless’ MobiLink 2.0 application allows users one-click access from a mobile device to WWAN and Wi-Fi networks using any existing wireless card or embedded radio. Working across different devices, MobiLink will recognize the device and alter the onscreen display to show signal strength, connection options, VPN information, byte counter, connection duration timer and more, all within a minimal user interface. MobiLink also acts as a two-way SMS client.
Price: Free.

Increase Your Range

The RangeMax WPN802 access point combines seven internal MIMO antennas to enhance wireless connectivity over normal 802.11g access points. Fully compatible with existing WLAN systems, the WPN802 actually adapts to its office environment to decrease interference and provide wider coverage. The system also supports either 64- or 128-bit data encryption for security and increases wireless data transfer by up to 10 times normal speed. Price: Varies depending on network.

Get Smarter

Soon to be Wi-Fi–enabled, the i730 smartphone from Samsung is built to support EV-DO as well as limited Bluetooth profiles and includes an SD I/O slot for expandable memory. This Windows Mobile device is currently offered through Verizon Wireless and employs a touchscreen and fully integrated QWERTY keyboard for a simple user interface. The slider design increases space efficiency and a SPRITE backup system ensures data retention even if the battery fails. Price: $500 with a two-year service agreement and $80/month plan.

Getting Your Position

Rosum’s new TV-GPS technology is designed as an improvement on existing GPS systems. Operating with greater power in a lower frequency (for better indoor coverage) and a wider bandwidth (for greater accuracy), the system requires the deployment of only three to four monitor units to cover a large metropolitan area. By using a positioning module embedded within a mobile device, TV-GPS communicates via a location server to provide location and tracking superior to normal or assisted GPS. Price: Varies according to network size.

Who’s Your DIADdy?

UPS and Symbol have co-developed a new line of custom handheld mobile computers—the Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD)—which allows a mobile workforce to access updated customer information in real time through four different wireless protocols. Additionally, GPS capabilities, broader radio compatibility and 128 MB of memory improve field efficiency for the delivery service. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi–enabled versions of the device are coming, and the devices already can wirelessly send information, requests or invoices to a UPS server or even customer PC. Price: Not available.


The Forms 5.0 application from Pendragon allows mobile workers to create custom forms suiting their individual needs. Available on both Palm OS and Pocket PC, the software allows data to be collected in a customizable format, then transferred to an enterprise database each time the device is synchronized, eliminating the possibility of transfer error. An original form can be created in just a few minutes. Price: $229 for download, $249 for starter kit.

Not Your Mother’s Phone

Connect from any WLAN hotspot with the Gigaset S35 from Siemens, and use the high-speed wireless connection to place seamless voice calls. The handset/charger combo requires only a WLAN router and available connection, and the receiver will flash to alert the user of a new e-mail, even if the PC is off. Additionally, the user can store the names, e-mail addresses, SIP-URLs, IP-addresses and phone numbers of up to 200 contacts. Price: From $30 to $120.

Well Connected

The 770 Internet Tablet, Nokia’s newest offering, allows Internet access over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via mobile phones and runs on a Linux-based operating system. The compact device, measuring 5.5 by 3 by .75 inches, enables music and file streaming, access to Internet Radio, News Reader and video viewing. USB connectivity is also a plus, as is the stylus and high-resolution (800 by 480) touchscreen with over 65,000 colors. Price: $350
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