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Posted: 07.01.05

Mobile Tools - July 2005

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An Easy-to-Deal-With Ex

Extech’s S2500THS ultra lightweight 2.25-inch receipt printer comes with serial and IrDA wireless connectivity, a two-cell lithium ion battery designed for faster printing and a three-hour fast charge option. Weighing in at 1 pound, the printer comes prepared to handle the elements with a rugged exterior and the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from –10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Bluetooth and three-track credit card reader are also available options. Price: From $595 to $875, depending on features.

Worth Two in the Bush…

[email protected] is a mobile application for increasing efficiency and reducing errors in warehouse environments that require the management of inventories, work orders, equipment upkeep and more. Untethered workers can access item, order and location information and process transfers, returns and counts. Inventory @Hand is designed to work in conjunction with the @Hand Architect software, which accounts for communication with real-time notifications and receipt confirmation. Information recorded in the field via barcode scanning and RFID immediately updates to enterprise systems, integrating the supply chain. Price: Varies with hardware and number of users.

Connecting the Interior

Spotwave’s SpotCell Enterprise Indoor Coverage System ensures cell phone connectivity in spaces ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 square feet. Compatible with both CDMA and GSM, it allows for data transfer at broadband speeds while maintaining the strong signal required for 3G connectivity. With Spotwave focused on metropolitan markets, wireless connectivity no longer has trouble penetrating and negotiating office interiors. The SpotCell system also uses smart antenna technology to create an adaptable coverage network. Price: From $1,995.

Running to Workforce Mobility

Using its EV-DO technology, Sprint PCS has launched the nationwide Sprint Business Mobility Framework. Serving a wide range of needs, Sprint’s technology can locate field workers and assets, offer visual and audio directions, and allow for high-speed voice and data communication between the field and the office, among other features. Price: Varies based on number of users and type of deployment.

Touchscreen with a Boxer’s Chin

he TouchPC CEagle handheld from TouchStar was designed
for industrial fieldwork. Equipped with a Windows CE .Net 4.2 Platform and 64 MB of SDRAM, and utilizing a 400Mhz Intel processor, the touchscreen interface fa-
cilitates easy data input. Featuring backward compatibility, the CEagle interacts seamlessly with printers, laser scanners and Touchstar’s full line of optional endcaps and cradle communication devices. Built to take a beating, the CEagle is prepared to handle the trials of mobile fieldwork. Price: Starts at $2,550.

Efficiency In Government

Adesso tailored its new line of field force solutions specifically for federal, state
and local government agencies, a group that represents the largest mobile workforce in the United States. Designed for audits, data collection and asset management and tracking, the solutions come enabled for RFID, GPS and rich media, and are deployable on any Windows device. Patented synchronization enables information access with or without
connection to the network. Price: Varies with number of users and type of hardware.

Extended Wireless Workspace

The Wireless WorkSpace 2.0 product suite from Sendia is designed to extend enterprise applications to handheld devices over a fast, completely secure wireless network.
It’s available in two editions: a Devel-
oper edition for application design, and an Enterprise edition for application deployment
and management. Composed of four main software components (one specific to the Developer edition), Workspace 2.0 was developed with RIM’s BlackBerry platform in mind. Price: Varies.

Let the Ram Ride Shotgun

The new line of RAM Vehicle Mounts promises
several secure ways to mount laptops in automobiles. Featuring a series of model-specific mounts for
the vehicle, as well as a universal mount, RAM uses the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points and relies almost exclusively on existing vehicle hardware for attachment. If necessary, RAM Mounts will supply any additional fixtures. Its Tele-Pole system allows for simple adjustment with a single knob, allowing the user to adjust both swing and height with one hand. Price: From $150 to $250.

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