May 10, 2005



Cingular Customers Gain ‘Advantage’ Through New Flagship Business Offers

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Cingular Wireless today introduced two new flagship business offers that now give all Cingular B2B customers – former AT&T Wireless and pre-merger Cingular – access to a unified set of pricing plans and benefits. The new programs, Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage for enterprises and Cingular Business Edge for small- and medium-sized companies, represent another series of milestones in the company’s continued, crisp integration of the former AT&T Wireless into the new Cingular.

Under the Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage, large business customers can get the features of the Corporate Digital Advantage program pioneered by the former AT&T Wireless as well as traditional Cingular plans with the popular Rollover® Minutes offering. With Cingular Business Edge, small- and medium-sized business customers gain such benefits as consolidated billing and support from Cingular’s business customer care organization, and qualify for Cingular plans with Rollover Minutes.

“The launch of Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage and Cingular Business Edge provides further evidence that the integration of the former AT&T Wireless into the new Cingular is moving full-speed ahead,” said Kent Mathy, president of Cingular’s B2B organization, the Business Markets Group.

Cingular Business Edge (CBE) offers small- to medium-sized businesses a variety of solutions and programs designed to help them deploy their wireless services in a minimal amount of time. It provides small businesses fast and easy electronic contract acceptance and account setup, and a standard 5% discount on qualifying rate plans priced at $34.99 per month and higher (for both company-sponsored and non-sponsored employees). It also delivers one consolidated bill for all corporate users, even if they are dispersed throughout the U.S.

In addition, Cingular Business Edge offers businesses access to additional programs which are not available to consumers through the Cingular National Shared Business Solution Plans. Cingular backs up the CBE program with access to a dedicated Business Support organization to handle customer care needs.

Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage is designed to meet the needs of large companies and government agencies. Building on the benefits of Cingular Business Edge with such features as consolidated billing and business-exclusive care services, Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage offers numbers of additional services and discounts. The Premier Web portal simplifies ordering and account management. For larger accounts, additional business care services are available, including support for enterprise applications and international users. Multi-national corporations also can extend the program’s benefits to countries with participating service providers.

There are two contract options available with Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage. The Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage Attainment contract requires a minimum of six employees and a minimum revenue requirement of $3,000 per year. It provides customers with service discounts that can increase automatically as total monthly qualified charges increase. The Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage Attainment service discount is applied to the monthly service charge of qualified plans and starts at 5% for corporate responsibility users and 3% for individual responsibility users. Examples of the discount schedule are available at <> .

The Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage Minimum Annual Commitment (MAC) agreement is available to companies with a minimum of 50 employees and a minimum revenue requirement of $45,000 per year. It offers a higher, fixed annual service discount based on the total MAC selected by the company. Service discounts are applied to the monthly service charge of qualified plans and start at 7% for corporate responsibility users and 3% for individual responsibility users.

“Our business customers now are getting the best of both worlds through these two exciting new flagship offers,” said Joe Lueckenhoff, vice president, business mobility and marketing, Cingular Wireless. “Pre-merger Cingular customers now have access to the feature-rich business programs of the former AT&T Wireless, whose clients now can take advantage of Cingular’s attractive price plans that include Rollover Minutes.”

All business and government customers benefit from the exclusive services provided by Cingular’s Business Markets Group. The Business Markets Group includes a customer care organization devoted solely to the needs of business clients, a nationally focused B2B sales team, and marketing professionals who develop solutions and offers specifically geared towards businesses.

For details of the programs referenced here, please see related print and online materials or contact a Cingular Wireless representative.
Cingular Wireless serves 95 of the Fortune 100 companies, and counts more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and over 1,200 federal, state and local government customers as customers.

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