February 26, 2006



Leading Service Providers To Deliver Ip Dynamics' Your Portable Network Solution To Smb Market Nationwide

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IP Dynamics, the leading provider of Portable Networks, today announced the availability of Your Portable Network by three leading small and medium business (SMB) focused service providers — PMG.net, Virterra Networks and Sulaf Solutions. Designed for service providers to offer their SMB customers as a self-service portable network, Your Portable Network also allows service providers to extend the reach and revenue of their broadband and WiFi infrastructures.

“We have seen a significant increase in the need for simple and secure remote access, collaboration and communication tools in the SMB market,” said Hasan Alkhatib, CEO, IP Dynamics. “With Your Portable Network, service providers are able to deliver SMBs more capabilities with a low cost, easy to deploy solution, while extending their customer reach, creating new revenue streams and experiencing a faster return on investment.”

Your Portable Network - Access, Collaborate and Communicate
Your Portable Network is leading a new era of portable networking, allowing SMBs to access information, collaborate using shared resources, and communicate with colleagues anywhere in the world. Your Portable Network connects computers (laptops, desktops, printers, servers, and other devices) regardless of their locations, allowing SMBs to take their networks wherever they go. Using Your Portable Network, SMBs can identify other members or computers by simple names, such as the name of a person, department or organization, instead of complex address schemes. Your Portable Network also automatically encrypts and decrypts all data directly on each member's computer for all members and all applications. Data in transmission can only be read by the intended recipient and cannot be viewed anywhere on the Internet or via hotspots, private networks or servers. Your Portable Network is based on the same security technology used in corporate networks (VPN/IPSEC), but uses patented technology to identify users by name, allows mobile users to connect to each other (i.e., vs. only being able to connect to an office location), and allows anyone to setup a network without a physical location or equipment and manage members and connections using a simple website.

“Your Portable Network delivers a highly scalable, more manageable, more secure business communications solution making it ideal for the SMB market,” said Robert Castles, CEO, PMG.net. “We are excited to be offering Your Portable Network, which SMBs can deploy without complex engineering, high costs and restrictions to users’ ability to easily communicate and collaborate.”

Extending Reach and Revenue

As a self-service remote network offered to SMB customers, Your Portable Network presents an opportunity for carriers to extend their broadband and WiFi networks. The simple and low cost deployment of a self-service remote network adds new revenue to existing broadband and WiFi services while maximizing operating margins for greater profitability and a faster return on investment. Through Your Portable Network, carriers are able to further penetrate the SMB market, bringing current SMB customers more value and attracting new SMB customers with an enhanced service. Carriers also extend their customer reach by providing service to their SMB customer’s circle of affiliates, many of whom likely reside on other networks. For instance, all those invited to join Your Portable Network by a particular SMB receive the service through that SMB’s carrier. Service creators also have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through a differentiated service portfolio including Your Portable Network.

According to Manuel Huguez, president, Virterra Networks, “SMBs need simple and affordable access, collaboration and communication tools. Leveraging Your Portable Network, SMBs will be able to unleash their full potential, simultaneously increasing productivity and their competitive advantage. We are pleased to be offering this solution as part of our service portfolio.”

“We are constantly looking for enterprise class productivity solutions for our growing SMB customer base,” said Mohammed Al-Zubi, VP Professional Services at Sulaf Solutions. “We selected Your Portable Network because it easily fits into our portfolio allowing us to provide SMBs access, collaboration and communication solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

Pricing and Availability

Your Portable Network is offered globally by qualified service providers. Pricing is determined by individual service providers. To obtain a free 30-day trial or receive additional information, visit www.yourportablenetwork.com or go to an authorized service provider.
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