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November 2003

Mobile Tools

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By Teresa von Fuchs and Eric M. Zeman

All the Right Moves

LXE’s latest rugged handheld, the MX6 sports a lightweight contoured design, high visibility color,1/4-VGA touchscreen display, imaging technology and up to eight hours of battery life. Running Windows Pocket PC 2000 on a power-saving Intel XScale PXA255 processor, the MX6 is optimized for a wide range of data collecting field operations. Also available are units with integrated Adaptus Imaging Technology for superior bar code and image scanning. The MX6 also has a full alphanumeric keyboard. Price: $2,985.

Basically Data

Data-Basics has revamped its SAM Pro Enterprise solution, adding the ability to associate documents with SAM Pro records, fully-integrated multi-national currency support, multiple work order entry and advanced dispatching features. Also new is TechFinder, a tool that provides a selection of eligible technicians or subcontractors for a particular job, based on certification status and proximity to the customer. Price: Starts around $10,000.

The Strongest Link

Stay-Linked, from eSP, promises to reliably extend IBM AS/400 iSeries supply chain applications to wireless devices. The 5250 terminal emulation now supports IBM mainframe-zSeries servers, IBM RS/6000-pSeries servers and Hewlett Packard HP9000 servers. Stay-Linked also has expanded support for Symbol, Intermec and PSC handheld wireless scanning devices. When wireless devices suffer network disruptions, Stay-Linked keeps the wireless user session alive, automatically returning users to the session when access is again available. Price: $995.

Heads Up

Dynamic Mobile Data’s new Heads-Up real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and notification application promises to stop unnecessary waiting around. Instead of that four- to eight-hour window that ticks off your clients, Heads-Up pledges to let your customers know exactly when they need to be home. Heads-Up integrates with existing field force management systems and uses the systems’ data to accurately predict service or delivery times. Then Heads-Up notifies the waiting customer on any device they specify: cellphone, PDA, pager, e-mail, landline, Web site or instant messenger. Price: $NA.

…And Eat it Too

If a cake is special, a three-layer cake is really special. And NEC wants you to have three layers every day: three-layered data security, that is. NEC’s MobilePro Tricryption System integrates with an existing database and is composed of two elements: one for file protection and another for database protection. Whether data is in a file or in a database field, MobilePro Tricryption secures data in three ways: the data itself is encrypted, an encrypted key is generated with user privileges that secures the data, the links to those keys are encrypted and all three elements are stored separately. Price: $5,000 for 5,000 records.

Seize the Berry

Best Software and InfoClarus have made Carpe Diem, a time tracking and management solution, available on RIM BlackBerry handhelds. Enabling enterprises, especially professional services firms, to more efficiently manage remote time tracking, InfoClarus’ Legal Mobility Server integrates with BlackBerry to provide access to back office apps such as document management, financial systems and time reporting. InfoClarus can also summarize, print and fax information retrieved. Price: Starts between $175 to $250 per device.

Working in the Field

Kontron has released a new rugged mobile computer for field professionals. The FieldWorks 8500 features an expansion card cage with full power supply and connection for up to three full-length or six half-length PCI expansion cards. Rugged to meet Military Standard 810E for shock and vibration, as well as fluctuating temperatures, the 8500 comes standard with Windows XP Professional edition. The FieldWorks 8500 also includes 640 MB of RAM and 48 MB of video RAM, a 40GB hard drive, 12.1-inch XGA Active LCD display and optional sunlight readable display. Price: $8,995.

A New Walk in the Arc

The latest ArcFM incarnation from ESRI and Miner and Miner, 8.3.1, adds new functions to ArcFM Designer, Network Adapter, Locator and Trace Tasks tools. Designer allows for preparing construction work sketches, work flow management, structural and network analysis, automated layouts and job cost estimates. Network Adapter promises seamless links between ArcFM and third-party apps and analysis engines. Locator now includes the Object Query Locator, which supports queries of user-defined features and object classes. Task tracing has been reworked to improve performance and simplify one-click tracing. Price: NA.

Pocket Printing

PrinterOn has released PocketWhere 3.0 for BlackBerry, a wireless Internet printing application. Users can output documents directly from their BlackBerry menu to print to corporate or public printers located in hotels, airports, convention centers and Wi-Fi hotspots. Users can print to any fax machine by simply entering the fax number. Price: Free download, service ranges from $2 to $6 per month.

Military Brat

Communication and accurate information are perhaps the two most important assets on the battlefield. By integrating the networking features of the Cisco Mobile Access Router and Cisco IOS software into the TCS SwiftLink 2300, users can access data and colleagues regardless of the theater of operation and infrastructure availability. Some features include: Man-pack terminal, allowing hands-free carrying; varying configuration; connectivity to more than 70 users at the same time; state-of-the-art encryption; IP-based data, voice and video, with wireless reach-back access; rapid access from remote locations to decision makers, sensitive information and network services. Price: NA.

Managing Mobility

Updating software on mobile devices no longer need be a mobile pain. Bitfone, a company that provisions over-the-air update technology for mobile phones, has revised its mProve 3.0 software, offering feature and performance enhancements. The modular architecture of mProve 3.0 provides maximum deployment flexibility, allowing users to select the complete end-to-end suite or select individual components for use within their existing device management solutions. It also leverages secure digital signatures to validate the source and integrity of each update package for maximum protection against accidental or intentional corruption. Key features include: enhanced algorithms, definable memory zones and new interface. Price: Varies.

Just the Fax, Ma’am

Never miss a fax again with KSE Software’s Truefax version 2.04. Now Microsoft PocketPC, PocketPC Phone Edition and Windows CE 3.0 users can send and receive faxes on their mobile devices. A direct and secure way to send important documents, Truefax 2.04 provides: fax receipt, fax class 2 support and enhanced Outlook integration, as well as compatibility with Pocket PC 2003. Price: $35.

IT Emergence

EmergeCore Networks wants everyone to be able to afford an IT department, so they put it all in one box. The IT-100 presents an IT breakthrough at an SMB price point, combining 20 GB of storage with a router, a four-point switch, a firewall, Wi-Fi access point,
FTP server, multiple domain support, an e-mail server and VPN services. EmergeCore claims even a technical dummy can set up and manage the IT-100 through the CoreVista Web interface. No software installation required. Price: $1,395.

A New Portal and Sun Microsystems have released the sforce Portal Toolkit for Java system Portal servers. Enterprises can combine sforce with the multi-channel customer service capabilities enabled by the Java System Portal server. Built on J2EE and secured with network identity capabilities,’s Sales Portal provides location management and access to critical customer information over any device, anytime, anywhere. The Sun and solution can create a synchronized customer experience across business processes and requirements. Price: Free.

Skeleton Key

If you’ve been searching for the key to unlock your PDA’s functionality, look no further than Chapura’s KeySuite 2.1. It allows Palm handheld owners who use Microsoft Outlook to manage more easily and completely their important information from Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes while on the go. Combining the comprehensiveness of Outlook with the familiar look and feel of Palm OS, KeySuite software components give customers a learning curve of almost zero. Information can now be stored on the handheld the same way it’s stored on the desktop in Outlook, eliminating the frustration of constantly re-organizing folders, categories and detailed information. Price: $49.95.

Lap of Luxury

Laplink Gold version 11.5 file transfer and remote control software now supports a reliable direct-connect USB transfer for both USB 1.1 and 2.0 standards, as well as a new secure firewall navigation using the Laplink Everywhere network. Touting a simplified user interface and more powerful performance (up to 60 megabits per second), Gold version 11.5 is also available preloaded on a USB pen drive for flexibility and mobility. Price: $130.

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