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New Products

The latest in FFA technology.

Instant Forms
Pendragon Internet Forms is a software solution based on Pendragon SyncServer, which enables developers to build useful handheld applications almost instantly. Pendragon Internet Forms is a professional database tool for Palm OS allowing end users to create database forms in just a few minutes without programming. Wireless devices using this interface will be able to function without consistent coverage and the field force will be able to work offline on any Palm OS device. This enables workers to remain fully functional even in remote and RF-shielded locations. The Internet Forms Web interface is written in Active Server Pages and the back-end database is Microsoft SQL Server. This will enable end users to customize the Web interface and build their own connections to the back-end database. (Tools are provided to link handhelds to external database servers.) Price: varies. Contact: (847) 816-9660. www.pendragonsoftware.com

Mobile Office
The Q-PC Real Car Computing Professional Series is a fully integrated and installed computer offering hardware options for demanding business applications. The Q-100 offers performance and flexibility designed to meet the processing and communications needs of business professionals with a mobile, in-car office that keeps them connected while they’re on the go. It operates on Windows 98 and has a compact wireless keyboard with mouse functions. The product also features full Internet access, e-mail with attachments, talking GPS navigation with voice recognition, MP3 and DVD video. Contact: (800) 233-0839. www.Q-PC.com

Whiteboard Without Wires
Need to hold a quick meeting but your field force is scattered across the country? FreeBeam captures every image you put on a whiteboard and beams it via infrared directly to one or more PCs in the meeting room--so you never have to worry about someone not receiving the notes. In addition, it’s Web-enabled for use in online meetings with programs such as WebEx and NetMeeting software. Transforming any standard whiteboard into a digital workspace in minutes, FreeBeam is portable, installs without tools, uses standard ink markers and is wireless. It requires a minimum 100MHz Pentium PC running Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me. Price: $899. Contact: (800) 340-1331. www.freebeamwireless.com

Cool Case
Fellowes’ PDA Keyboard is housed in a hard, silver and black case with a secure PDA holder. It fits most of the Handspring Visor series, with the exception of the Prism, as well as the Palm series. The product features a full QWERTY keyboard for easy input, including buttons for programming alpha, numeric and command keys. With the full keyboard, calculator and other useful functions, there is no need to rely on the stylus or graffiti. The keyboard and case are also set up to run Microsoft Word or Excel on your PDA, with function buttons such as undo, cut, copy and paste. Price: $79.99. Contact: www.fellowes.com

Meter Reading Made Easy
Reducing meter-reading costs can be a huge undertaking. However, the 900 series TransPondIT from Ramar reduces costs by increasing efficiency and accuracy in collecting meter information. The TransPondIT can be fitted to most popular meters and reduces reading time in pits, vaults, basement and other meter locations that are hard to read. The device uses radio frequency (RF) in connection with existing utility equipment to provide a distinct, cost-effective solution. Ramar’s use of standard interfaces and protocols enables the TransPondIT to work well with many types of route management and billing software, handheld computers and meters, without having to purchase new software to run with this product. Price: varies. Contact: (888) 98-RAMAR. www.ramartech.com

Location-Based Info
Telcontar’s new software upgrade of its location-based services, Drill Down Server (DDS), now features support for real-time traffic information, multiple address query matching capabilities and an enhanced map image interface. The product enables a variety of location-based applications including cell phones, call centers, workstations, Internet browsers, PDAs and in-vehicle telematics units. The DDS is currently available for Microsoft Windows 2000/NT with support for Sun Solaris and Linux. It can rapidly query and process multiple layers and types of limitless information, which results in a quick turnaround when asking for information such as restaurant and hotel locations. In addition, the DDS has an independent map database so multiple sources of data covering the same geographic area can be used to provide the best support. Price: call for quote. Contact: (408) 294-8400. www.telcontar.com

Real-Time Support
StatePointPlus allows IT managers and administrators to view their network’s past and present activity while implementing configuration requirements for the future. This unique approach to computer management enables IT departments to focus on pursuing strategic advances. StatePointPlus provides an innovative way of strengthening configuration control, tightening security and streamlining operations in real-time. It simultaneously characterizes, interprets and controls massive numbers of objects across large numbers of computers. (For example, it can remotely scan a computer in the network to determine operational problems, present them to the help desk and provide remote capabilities to diagnose and repair the system.) This can minimize long and costly desk-side support calls by reducing the repair time while increasing quality, productivity, and ROI. StatePointPlus is available for Windows 2000, NT and UNIX systems. Price: varies. Contact: (412) 374-2130. www.statepointplus.westinghouse.com

Wireless GSM Connections
Designed for any environment or application, the WMOD2B external modem lets you network equipment and systems instantly and from anywhere. This product offers ready-to-connect GSM functionality for any situation, and is fully approved for the GSM specifications. Once it is hooked up, the end user is ready for voice, SMS, fax and data transmission, anywhere, anytime. The modem can also be controlled remotely by AT commands for dedicated applications. The WMOD2B has a baud rate from 300 to 115,200 bits per second and autobauding from 300 to 38,400 bits per second. Price: varies depending on quantity ordered. Contact: (619) 238-8500. www.wavecom.com

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