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January 2004


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Mobile Tools

By Teresa von Fuchs

Innovating Inspectors
Sona Innovations hopes the Sona Mobile Inspector will provide a more cost effective and efficient way for mobile field workers to capture inspection data in the field and update enterprise systems wirelessly. Inspection information can be entered and validated on-site using any one of a myriad of wireless devices. The solution can then update the database in real-time or be held in wireless queue facilities for synchronization later. Price: NA.

Powerful Pocket Pal
Sybase, looking to bolster its mobile offerings, is now shipping Pocket PowerBuilder, a new integrated application development environment designed to simplify and speed the creation of mobile and wireless enterprise apps. Developers can meet growing demand for enterprise-class mobile solutions that deliver critical business information to workers using Windows CE-based devices. Price: Starts at $495.

LANs on the Lam
Providing wireless LAN management products is the name of the game for AirMagnet. And it’s making a brilliant play with the release of its new AirMagnet Laptop Trio solution. The new software adds 802.11g support to 802.11a and 802.11b, providing users with an integrated view of their entire WLAN environment and the ability to preemptively identify any performance or security issues that may arise in any Wi-Fi band, on any channel, in any country. It also features 22 new alarms. Price: Starts at $3,495.

Track Power
PeopleNet now offers a new capability that allows haulers to give members of the supply chain instant visibility to their loads. PeopleNet’s Shipper View enables transportation companies to allow shippers to view fleet location information in real-time via the Internet. Carriers assign their shippers a password to access this secure interface over the Web. Price: NA.

Manage This
Kadro Solutions’ warehousing services data management system (WSDM) v2.0 is designed to automate data gathering for various warehousing services including unloading, loading, refueling, pallet repair, yard check and more for distribution centers, warehousing service providers and unloading services. WSDM combines an easy-to-use handheld solution with a set of Web applications to enable accurate capture, analysis and reporting of service data. The solution is configurable to each customer’s needs. Price: NA.

Atta Boy
@Road’s Pathway mobile resource management tool enables users to verify routes, stops and work schedules with GPS-capable Motorola i58sr and i88s phones hosted on the Nextel network. Combining wireless communications with access to mobile resource information on a secure @Road Web site, Pathway incorporates features like configurable maps with user-defined landmarks, recent location information, as well as mileage and time in transit. Price: Starts at $15 per month per user, plus equipment.

The New Lightweight
The Averatec 3150P notebook, weighing in at only 4.3 pounds and 1.2 inches thin, is a truly mobile tool. Powered by an AMD Mobile Athlon XP-M 1600 processor, the 3150P balances power with battery life and boasts an integrated wireless LAN for easy on-the-go connection. The laundry list of functionality includes a DVD/CD-RW drive, a 12.1-inch XGA TFT (1024 x 768) screen, 256 MB of memory, 32 MB of VRAM, three USB 2.0 ports and Windows XP operating system. Price: $1,049.

The E-pen is Even Mightier…
With Pen&Internet's handwriting recognition technology and customized vocabularies, riteForm is an accurate and user-friendly forms
processing application, available locally or from the field with a server-based product and mobile pen-enabled devices like handhelds, electronic pen and paper or Tablet PCs. riteForm’s context technology matches handwritten input on a PDA to a Web-based database of addresses, cities and other form information. Price: NA

Securing the Air Waves
Netgear’s WG302 ProSafe 802.11g enterprise-class wireless access point offers secure, high-speed, long-range access for small- to medium-sized businesses. This IEEE 802.11g-compliant access point supports both 802.11b and 802.11g client devices, and is based on the Intel Xscale 422 processor. The WG302 also supports an optional SuperG static 108Mbps mode in addition to the 54Mbps speeds of the 802.11g standard. Security features include WEP data encryption and VPN support. Price: $350.

Opening Connections
Designed to preserve legacy investments in serial devices while facilitating IP migration, Microwave Data Systems’ (MDS) gateNET serves as an IP terminal server gateway between an MDS serial radio network and your companies’ enterprise network. The gateNET diagnostic proxy server allows integration of legacy radio products into the same SNMP network management system as your wireless or wired/wireless network. And the MDS gateNET also adds a Web server and Telnet interface for diagnostics. Price: NA.

New Colors
Rainbow’s NetSwift iGate SSL VPN secures remote access to both Web and client/server applications and comes with fully integrated user authentication tokens in the form of iKey USB keys. Rainbow’s new VPX technology allows companies to access, manage and secure both Web and client/server applications through a single SSL VPN application. The NetSwift iGate Pro and iGate Team applications also provide scalable configuration, allowing customers to purchase additional capacity and iKey tokens.Price: $7,995.

PC for Mobile Pros
A new handheld computer from PsionTeklogix combines the virtues of a PDA and a laptop in one clamshell device. The Netbook Pro mobile computer bridges the gap between the small and large form factors, eliminating difficult trade-offs that enterprises have been forced to make in the past. Features long battery life, low weight, instant on, touchscreen and expandability. Price: $1,500.

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