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December 2003


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Mobile Tools

By Teresa von Fuchs

Plot Twist

MapFrame has plotted to improve its FieldSmart applications suite with another mapping tool. The new FieldSmart Plot parses the X/Y coordinates from any tabular data and charts these points within a GIS mapping display. Used as a tracking and trouble shooting analysis tool, FieldSmart Plot can be used to map leak surveys, meter routes, customer data and more. Price: As an add-on for FieldSmart View.

Home Base

PointBase has released version 4.7 of its PointBase Embedded and PointBase Micro databases, as well as its bi-directional synchronization software, PointBase UniSync. UniSync now extends PointBase Embedded’s filtering capabilities to small-device environments like
PDAs with PointBase Micro 4.7 installations. UniSync for Micro allows users to express complex, multi-table relationships within data that’s to be sychronized. PointBase Embedded 4.7 implements new JDBC 3.0 interface features. Price: Starts at $300.

Take the Hi Path

Siemens wants to simplify the path of corporate life with version 2.0 of HiPath CorporateConnect. HiPath allows employees to use a single communications device, telephone number and voicemail box for corporate voice communications, in or out of the office. With two new graphical user interfaces, users are able to access HiPath on their Pocket PC devices or a standard Web browser to manage real-time communications. Price: Free upgrade or starts at $215.

Catch the Wave

JP Mobile’s SureWave Enterprise Server now supports browser-based access to corporate data from mobile phones with WAP-compatible browsers. SureWave 4.1 helps enterprise IT management securely extend applications to mobile workers using Palm, Pocket PC, RIM and Symbian handheld devices via bi-directional synchronization. With SureWave, mobile users can access Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and other line-of-business applications from all types of mobile devices. Price: Based on number of users plus annual maintenance.

Oh, Goody

A good link to your desktop while on the road is a good idea. So Good Technology has released GoodLink version 2.1 for the Handspring Treo 600. GoodLink 2.1 enables cradle-free, real-time synchronization for users wirelessly connecting with Microsoft Exchange and other enterprise applications. GoodLink does not require desktop software for installation or support. Users can access server-based data, e-mail, contacts, calendar and any other necessary desktop information with GoodLink. Attachments can be viewed in Microsoft Office, HTML, PDF and RTF formats. Price: $330 per user, per year.

Ahead of the Herd

Stampede Technologies has released a new version of TurboGold Enterprise Edition software solution enabling companies to optimize bandwidth and data storage for Web-based, portal and messaging collaboration applications. The latest version of TurboGold expands its Web acceleration and data storage solutions to include not just Lotus Domino, but any Web-based application built on J2EE or .NET. Cache differencing, SSL support and adaptive image compression are other new features. Price: Starts at $63 for single license.

Get Reconnected

TDS has released a rugged handheld computer that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC. TDS’s Recon is rugged to MIL-STD 810F military standards for drops, vibrations and temperature extremes. Recon also has an IP67 rating for impenetrability to water
immersion and dust. Weighing 17 ounces, with rounded edges for a comfortable grip and a color, TFT display, the Recon is built for extreme outdoor and industrial environments. The Recon also comes with a 200MHz or 400MHz Intel XScale processor and up to 128 MB of internal Flash storage. Price: $1,499.

Inside Track

CSI Wireless has released a GSM compatible asset tracking and telematics product for use outside North America. Asset-Link 400, designed for the transportation and trucking industries, adds a GSM compatible product to the Asset-Link family of asset tracking and telematics solutions for monitoring vehicle movements, vehicle mechanical performance, vehicle security, as well as cataloguing and analyzing performance data. Besides Asset-Link 400, a GSM only version, CSI Wireless has also released a GSM/GPRS version and a GSM/AMPS version. Price: Starts around $250.

Secret Agent

Altiris has announced the availability of the new Altiris 6.0 agent. This new Altiris agent provides new functions such as language localization for 17 languages, upgraded security on client-server communications, smaller client memory footprint, customizable user interface and improved bandwidth management. Available for use by customers running Altiris 5.5. Price: NA.

Lean and Mean

The Electrovaya Scribbler Tablet PC crams up to eight hours of run time in a package weighing less than 5 pounds and measuring 1 inch thick. It comes complete with Centrino wireless technology, biometric security features, up to 768 MB of expandable RAM, 40GB hard drive and a 12.1-inch, XGA TFT display. Bundled software includes Adobe, McAfee Virus Scanner, Farston Virtual Drive, FranklinCovey Tablet Planner and Wavefront Sketchbook. Price: $2,299.

Keep on Trucking

WebTech Wireless has launched a new suite of products aimed at improving transportation’s business processes. Key new services offered for trucking customers include automated driver logs, automated fuel tax reporting, J1708-based reports, driver ID authentication and vehicle access and driver status reporting. All these new features, plus WebTech’s new terminal the WebTech4000 series of in-vehicle devices that enable trailer-tracking solutions. Price: Based on service and number of users.

Push it to the Max

Synchrologic E-mail Accelerator’s new featues include support for Pocket PC, spreadsheet viewers from Palm OS and FIPS 10-2 security certification. True Push allows users to send and receive e-mail wirelessly, multiple device support allows users to chose the most convenient device and server-based synchronization increases security to protect corporate data. Price: $115.

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