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11. 5 To Know (Posted: 10.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
Overwhelmed by the deluge of security concerns: One expert breaks it down to the five new security technologies you need to know.
12. Mobile Tools - October 2004 (October 2004 - By Teresa von Fuchs, Bryan Pedersen, and Michelle Maisto)

13. Red-M Alert (Posted: 10.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
One British security provider found a fast, effective way to convince global companies to reconsider their security standards—it hacked into their networks.
14. From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: Mobile for the Masses (October 2004 - By Michelle Maisto)
I don’t live and breathe mobile technology. There—I said it. I’ve come clean. Sure, I have 802.11g in my apartment (via an Apple AirPort Express plugged in under the hanging clothes in my closet) and I’ve come to find dial-up intolerable; until recently, I never went anywhere without my cell phone; and I can’t imagine life without my laptop (I have no patience for sitting in one place). But I’m hardly what you might call tech-savvy.
15. Smartcard Coup for Commuters (Posted: 01.11.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
Commuters and day travelers who subject themselves to the gum-stained labyrinths, furnace-hot platforms and too-close-for-comfort cars of the New York City subway system—as well as anyone who has ever stood in a swirl of bus exhaust while a slowpoke fished through her purse for her MetroCard—were advanced last week a step closer to a faster, more streamlined travel experience.
16. From the Desk of Michelle Maisto: Technology to the Rescue? Itís debatable. (Posted: 10.20.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
Laptops; highspeed, wireless Internet access; streaming video—these are a few of the small miracles that tether us to home when we’re far away, offering us comfort in their convenience, speed and reliability.
17. Mobile Tools - November 2004 (Posted: 11.04 - By Teresa von Fuchs, Bryan Pedersen and Michelle Maisto)

18. Putting Mobility to the Test (Posted: 11.04 - By Eric M. Zeman)
In my opinion, there’s no time like autumn. A long-time resident of the Northeast, I’ve always enjoyed the passing of summer into fall and fall into winter. October is easily my favorite month of the year; none other is as colorful—or as busy.
19. Verizon Taking Strides to Lead SDP Race (Posted: 11.01.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
A new generation of emerging software platforms is the topic of a recent Yankee Group report. Service delivery platforms (SDPs) will meet an important need, according to the report, by addressing “the interoperability and integration issues users face in moving across networks, devices, applications and content.” Rob Rich, author of the report, describes a scenario in which a mobile professional in 2007 is performing multiple, seamless transactions while en-route to catch a flight. While the pro’s capabilities are a bit futuristic, Rich writes, “…virtually all of the technology components required [in the scenario] exist today in various states of maturity. What has been missing is the ability of the network to tie all of these capabilities together.”
20. What to Wear (Posted: 11.04 - By Michelle Maisto)
There was a time when my awe, curiosity and even jealousy were aroused by an episode of “Leave It to Beaver” in which The Beav acquires a wearable, seemingly magical, device capable of undisputedly proving his ability to walk 20 miles in a day.

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